Best Algarve Beaches

Best Algarve Beaches

Best Algarve Beaches

One of the most popular destinations in all of Europe for those who seek out beautiful beaches. The Algarve along the southern coast of Portugal offers over 150 separate beaches. Here we have also picked up some Best Beaches in Croatia.

What was once an area dotted by fishing villages is now lined with hotels, restaurants, and many other conveniences that make traveling to this area so enjoyable.

While all the beaches are well worth visiting, there are the five best Algarve beaches that stand out thanks to their inherent beauty, dramatic scenery, and activities that are perfect for families.

1. Praia do Ancao

If you are looking for the place that the jet-setters and well-to-do visit while still on a budget, then Praia do Ancao is for you.

This secluded setting is intoxicating, but what makes it even more interesting is just how close civilization is to the beach without intruding.

You’ll find

  • Plenty of Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Shops Nearby

but the beach itself is serene. Offering plenty of water activities, you’ll have plenty to do at Praia do Ancao.

2. Praia da Falesia

A long strip of sandy beach next to the cliffs, you’ll drink in the beauty from the moment you walk down from the clifftop parking area.

Being carved out by the wind and water, this remarkable beach is quite popular, but its sheer length means you’ll find plenty of open space to enjoy.

If you look at the cliffs from the beach, you’ll see the many plants that inhabit the cracks and openings along the rocky walls which change color throughout the day.

3. Praia da Qunta do Lago

Pure luxury thanks not only to the superb beach, but also the nearby golf courses, restaurants, and other features. This is the beach where you take the family to enjoy in peace and comfort.

One unique feature is the only way to access the beach is by walking across the Ria Formosa Lagoon on a wooden bridge. This added bit of atmosphere helps make this beach one to remember.

It’s beauty, luxury, and accessibility are perfect for your family vacation to Algarve.


Praia da Qunta do Lago

4. Praia de Odeceixe

For families with small children, this may be the perfect beach. Located in the north next to a river, the rugged cliffs offer an almost fantasy setting.

Young children can paddle in the calm waters of the river while older children and adults may take on the more adventurous ocean swells.

The village of Odeceixe is not far away and you can enjoy a brisk walk along a beautiful country road.

5. Praia da Marinha

The combination of the clear, ocean water with the bright, golden sand makes this a remarkable beach. But it is the addition of the cliffs and caves that results in a special experience, whether you take a boat tour or explore the caves yourself.

By walking down from the cliffs, you can set off on your own private adventure that helps make Praia da Marinha so special. The incredible setting, complete with towers of rock just offshore makes this beach one see.

The best Algarve beaches have something to offer everyone. From hidden treasures to popular delights, you can bathe in the sun along one of these fabulous beaches.

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