Best Beaches In Croatia

Best Beaches in Croatia

A beautiful beach destination, sun, and fun at a good price, are the requirements that everybody is looking for a vacation dream. After wondering which place would be the perfect one for the best destination.

We found Croatia fitting all these expectations, with its 1.244 islands, 6.278 kilometers of coast, and a party environment. It offers medieval architecture and many cultural and historical places to sightsee.

If you have plans to go on a trip to Croatia and want to know the most attractive beaches in the most economical yet best hotels to stay and spend a wonderful time during your visit, this is the perfect place to do it! So, these are the best beaches in Croatia to have the time of your life in the Croatian lands!

Best Beaches in Croatia


The Podrace beach in Brela is one of the most visited in this wonderful country, and it was cataloged as the top 15 favorite destinations in Europe due to its turquoise waters and the perfect temperature around 16.7 °C to 25° C in the summer to have a relaxing yet exquisite moment enjoying a good swimming or aquatic activities.



This beautiful beach famous because of Marco polo, keeps the essence of a merchant town, with its stoned streets full of an unbelievable enchant.

That is one of the most visited islands, perfect to have a fresh fish dish and a refreshing beverage on the shore of this crystal water sea, without any doubt, it will make a magical vacation dream for you and your family.



Not wondering why this is called one of the most attractive destinations of Croatia, this is the longest island of this amazing country, with smooth weather full of the essences of

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Pine

visitors enjoy the long walking on the seashore surrounded by its crystal water.

The Bonj beach has become the most selective destination for celebrities like Giorgio Armani or Bill Gates because it offers privacy, but it also offers wild parties after the sunset.

Near the port, you can find the “Carpe Diem” Bar, where the party environment starts in the evening, and you can always enjoy a cool beer or a refreshing cocktail.

If you are interested in experiencing the nightlife, get into a ship of the same company to travel to an exclusive island after 10 minutes sailing. A discotheque is waiting for you to offer you the best party ever!



In the Pag Island is located 2 kilometers far from the city of Novalja, where you can find the most popular beach: Zrće. Here you can always enjoy discotheques and bars opened the 24 hours. Some of them with pools included and acrobatic shows, most of them offer free entrance and the prices of the beverages are around 4 euros.

So, do not get surprised if you find this environment full of young people from all around the world dancing and having fun, switching from bar to bar or walking on the beach.



Home of surfers, Zlatni Rat, is considered the most beautiful Croatian beach, known for its particular and rare shape, it is located near the Bol Port in the Brac Island, where you can access through a ferry or a ship from the Split Coast.

The name of Zlatni Rat means “the horn”: famous for its sand of white stones that form shapes with the swinging waves.

The city of Bol, also offers attractive destinations or interesting places to visit, as the Dominican Monastery, a palace of the XV century that remains like a historical monument with its baroque paintings.

You can always enjoy the view of the spectacular landscape of the beaches of Brac from the Vidoca Gora Mount.



Are you looking for a hidden enchantment beach? Well, your best option is Stiniva beach, where you can scape to have a moment of relaxation and deep peace. The best way to access to this amazing beach is through a ship.

Still, if you are willing to have an adventurous moment, you can take a walk through a mountain full of nature and beauty where you sometimes can see some goats, but remember this is just for people with training or experience.



This is the perfect beach if you are looking for a romantic environment with its rock, sand and gravel beach, its transparent and very calmed water creates the perfect romantic place, perfect for enjoying as your honeymoon destinations or for spending an amazing moment with your beloved one.

The place has some parking lots and beach bars; the natural shadow is guaranteed due to its exuberant vegetation, so no umbrellas are required.

This is the most natural beach in Croatia, which is why it is the reason why you might see some nudes on the beach. The best way to reach this unique beach is by car, but also you can do it by walking or bicycle.




So, now you have a great variety of beautiful and unique beaches in the clear waters of the Adriatic sea, which offer more than six thousand kilometers of exuberant beaches certified with their 100 blue flags stating an excellent natural environment, reaching the highest standards in services and security.

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such as the ones who enjoy natural beaches or the ones who are looking for a familiar time.

Whatever your decision, we are sure you are not going to regret Croatian beaches as a destination because we are ready to share our culture, gastronomy, culture, and islands with you.


How To Get There?

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Where To Stay?

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