Best Christmas Markets

Best Christmas Markets in the UK for 2023


Christmas is the time of festivity, celebration, and sharing. Who doesn’t like shopping for gifts for their near and dear ones? Most of us head towards Christmas markets to find unique gifts.

In this article, I m going to discuss the best Christmas markets in the UK where you can find the best of Christmas

  • Decorations
  • Gifts
  • Food
  • Fun

And Much More. Here we have also gathered Best places of attractions in UK


Edinburgh Christmas Markets

This wonder world of color, fun, and festivity is the market you should pay a visit to when on a stay in Edinburgh when Christmas is pretty much near the corner or is just 24 days away so that it can get you into the seasonal spirit.

Perfectly lit up for the nighttime, this properly organized market does not only look spectacular at night and is the ideal place for a fun Christmas themed night out, but it also truly makes you get the Christmassy feeling better when it’s night time.

Edinburgh Christmas Markets


A great variety of stalls offer items from different cultures and countries, lots of food stands that sell delicious street food and emit a mouth-watering aroma, and craft stalls that offer onlookers with bespoke presents that they won’t even find on the high street.

Whether you are only wandering around and browse through the stalls and maybe just maybe buying some things here and there, or are full-on shopping for everything you could need for Christmas, be it decorations, food or presents, you should visit the place and give it a chance!

There are also quite a few rides that can surely keep your kids entertained till you shop and loads of places you can stop for food or drinks that look and taste divine.

The atmosphere of the well-laid out market is

  • Electric
  • Festive
  • Oozes the Christmas Spirit

Lastly, just a head start, I would recommend going to the market at the end of November, because then it’s not too busy whereas it is pretty chaotic if you visit the market in mid-December.


Manchester Christmas Markets

This capacious market is one that has so much to see, do, and buy that you’ll surely lose track of time. The different food and drink providing stalls and stores offer scrumptious food and beverages that make you want more of it, from all over the world, most that you may have never even tried before.

And considering the wide range of food stalls from all over the world cater for all cultures in the market, this place is perfect for all types of people. From cheese stalls with cheeses you’ve never heard of, chocolate and sweets stalls.

It also provides customers with homemade confectionaries that are produced solely for the market, and gift selling stands to stalls selling a fine selection of festive drinks like mulled wine; there are stands for almost anything you could need.

As for the ambiance and atmosphere of the beautifully decorated area, it is lively and buzzy, so be sure to have a warm drink in your ceramic mug (have to reduce plastic waste, don’t we?) as you stroll and wander around.

As well as browse through the various stalls for something eye-catching that piques your interest whether that is an intoxicating aroma or scent of a

  • Cute Candle
  • A Sophisticated silk Scarf
  • Dainty Decorations

that you think would look perfect hung on the walls of your home, or a trinket that would be an ideal item according to the theme of the decor of your home this Christmas.

So if you happen to be in Manchester around the time of Christmas or just a month before Christmas, be sure to pay a visit to this market; I assure you, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Winchester Christmas Market

Though it has been announced that the market will not go ahead this year and has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, here’s a description of the market if you happen to be in Winchester when next year’s Christmas is near.

It not only has plenty to see and buy and stalls that are selling reasonably priced items of high quality like

  • Knick-Knacks
  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Chocolates
  • Leather goods
  • Xmas cards
  • Children’s toys
  • Lots of novelty
  • Christmas themed food and drinks

but also an ice skating nearby that could entertain your kids as you sample some mulled wine and scan through the stalls for something you or a loved one would like.

Not to mention, the ambiance of this perfectly lit up market is atmospheric, high-spirited, and light-hearted.


Belfast Christmas Market

This magnificently and majestically lit up Christmas market is full of Christmas cheer, which will result in you being more than ready for Christmas when you are done with your experience with the market. You cannot find a better market that provides a fantastic food session and an excellent spot for kids at the same time.


Belfast Christmas Market


The food stalls have so many different foods from diverse cuisines that also provide gourmet food while the rest give the customers crafts, clothes, and gifts.

Beer lovers can also head to one of the two beer tents in the market and enjoy a beer or two as they enjoy the atmosphere and view.

  • Glass or Ceramic Products
  • Orthodox Icons
  • Wood Carvings
  • Painted Russian dolls
  • Beautiful Ornaments

and other handmade items can also be found in some of the stalls, so be on the lookout for such unique item selling stores because who knows? Maybe you’ll like one of the products they have on sale!

And yeah, make sure you keep an umbrella with you considering in this season it is mostly rainy and chilly.


Nottingham Christmas Market

If you want to have a nice day out with your family and shop for some necessary items to buy for Christmas, this is the best British Christmas market to go to!

Conveniently located in the center of Nottingham, this marvelous market truly has a traditional European vibe to it.

Perfect for getting last-minute Christmas presents from, this market with gleaming lights and stylish decorations has so much to offer.

And if you love wandering around while munching and nibbling on some hot and fresh food, a drink in your ceramic mug as well, while looking at the stalls and just embracing the Christmas spirit, this is the UK Christmas market to go to!


 Leeds Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets in Leeds are much smaller than some of the other than some of the other UK markets like Manchester or Birmingham and they haven’t really seen much expansion over the last decade but its still compact making it easier for families to visit with children.



With a traditional merry go round, snow globe and Santa’s grotto – it’s a lovely place to pass an hour or two with family and friends. If you’re looking for more fairground rides you can wander down towards the town hall.



A visit to Christmas markets is a must and joyful experience with your family and friends as you can not find a fantastic place which not only provides

  • Joyous Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Fun
  • Local gourmet
  • Music
  • Lights
  • Memorable time

Have you already explore the Christmas markets to get done the last-minute gift shopping? Let us know which Christmas markets have you been to and how your experience was in the comments below!