Best Parks in London

Best Parks in London You Need To Explore

Are you a resident or traveler in London? If so, you might want to enjoy a sunny London day out in the park, so we have rounded up some popular, gloriously green parks in London. If you have plan to visit these parks you need hotel to stay so here are some Cheap hotels in London.

Parks in London

1. St James’s Park 

This 90 acres park is one of the oldest royal parks in London. This park is famous for its largest lake that is home for ducks, geese, swans, and pelicans living here for nearly 400 years now, as they were originally gifted to King Charles 2 as a gift from the Russian ambassador.

You can enjoy impressive views of lake and fountains while feeding pelicans at feeding time on a sunny afternoon in a deckchair. St James’s Park is surrounded by places like Buckingham Palace, clearance house, and white hall. This park opens from 5 am to 12:00 am .entry in this park is free of cost.


2. The Regent’s Park:


Yes, the 395 acres park is home to Queen Mary’s Rose Garden and is one of the Royal Parks of London. If you are ever down for a morning run, skate, family picnic, a meet up with your friends, or touch-rugby, this is a park that might be worth visiting.

Children can explore this gorgeous and grassy space or head to the playground and enjoy while the adults can bask in the serenity and beauty of the place. For those of you who play and love tennis or even those who want to try out tennis, good news for you! There is a tennis court available too!

It is very good with disabled people with its several accessible toilets and easy to navigate paths. It has a lot to offer with its Open Air Theatre, London zoo, lakes, and fields.

Its naturalistic beauty enhances itself even more under the light of the illuminating moon but is still as lovely as it is in the day. And though cycling is not allowed, there are still as much fun activities that can be done there, like:


  • Watching a show at the Open Air Theater
  • Climbing to the top of Primrose Hill
  • Renting pedalos and going on a bird walk
  • Simply running free in the large area is not a bad idea either


And for those of you who are still bummed about not being able to cycle there, turn that frown upside down because sure you can cycle around the outside and on the northern section of Broad Walk, between Chester Road and the Outer Circle.

Oh, and don’t worry if you need to regain some energy along the way, there are cafes available throughout the park, and the park even has close access to amazing Camden restaurants. Lastly, there are some good quality places for food and drinks.

Though the park is perfect, the only trouble visitors might have to face is public toilets being closed.


3. Greenwich Park:


Greenwich Park is 183 acres park, and it has to offer something for everyone. It was used as a royal hunting ground. Greenwich Park is a freely accessible green space in London for scenic picnics and strolls under oak and chestnut trees.

The park not only offers a spectacular view across the queen’s house, which is the centerpiece of the national maritime museum, but there is plenty of space to play:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Picnic

This park has a different feel from an urban city. The view from the observatory area is amazing as you get to view all skyscrapers. There are various great attractions nearby, such as the Greenwich observatory and the Cutty shark museum.

You simply can not find a combination of interesting food, artisan market, panoramic views, and ride on a fast riverboat back to London. If you are coming by train best station to get off is the cutty sark on the DLR. There is free parking for disabled and motorcyclists, but they are subject to 4 hours maximum stay from Monday to Sunday.

Opening hours of the park are 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday and parking opens from 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday.

Greenwich Park


4. Hyde Park London:


Hyde Park London is famous for its speaker’s corner. It covers 350 acres of the area and has around 4000 trees, a large lake, an ornamental flower garden, and much more. It is the largest park in the central park & the royal parks of London.

Hyde Park is free to enter. It opens from 5 am till midnight every day all year round. Hyde Park offers endless options to its visitors. There are game pitches for:

  • Team games
  • Tennis courts
  • Horse riding tracks
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Bating
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Skating

Hyde Park is home to several monuments and spectacular buildings few of them are the serpentine bridge, the Diana memorial fountain, and the joy of life fountain and the famous Archiles statue. On Sunday, head to speaker’s corner to hear some vocal orators share some opinions with people.


5. Kingston Gardens:


Kingston’s garden is amongst the royal parks of London. The garden covers an area of 270 acres. It is separated from Hyde Park by the Serpentine, a lake used by swimmers and boat users. This park is peaceful and calm than it’s neighbors.

If you are on a day out for walking, you will love to walk alongside the serpentine to the Italian garden. You can enjoy the scenery of flower beds, which looks amazing.

Park pathways are easy to navigate for wheelchair users. They can enjoy looking through

  • Flowers,
  • Fountains
  • Peter Pan Statue

Anyone would want to spend some time wandering around these gardens.

Oh, and you must not forget to take apples with you for main attraction Parakeets; just as you pass by the peter pan statue, there is a wooden fence where you can hold out apples to feed parakeets.

Park is close to major attractions like the Royal Albert Hall, Victoria and Albert Museum. Park rangers are always going around to keeping the park clean and tidy. There are a good amount of benches around if you want to stop for a little rest.