Best Places of Attractions

Best Places of Attractions in UK


Families always look forward to spending some quality time at places they have never been to before.

They are always looking for family attraction places that can provide them interactive fun with an educational learning experience.

Here are some top family attractions that we have listed for you to visit and some of them are definitely not worth missing out on.

Here are also the Best Parks In London you must visit.

Attractions in UK

Science Museum

A science museum is a wonderful place, clean, bright, packed full of information, and fun. You cannot go wrong with a fantastic day out for the whole family here.

Due to covid-19 situation advance, online booking is required and advisable to avoid inconvenience.

Make sure you have no other plans on the day you want to visit this place as it needs plenty of time to explore, read, and experience the surroundings. 

The museum is full of different exhibits. Science enthusiasts, families, children, and adults can have so much fun and learn a lot here.

Some stops can open your eyes, broaden your vision, or makes your jaw drop.

It’s very interactive, engaging, and attention keeping. Easily accessible with wheelchair or buggy. Lifts, coffee shops, toilets available all around the museum.

There are also fantastic 360° controllable flight simulators. There are an IMAX cinema/wonderlab and other things you can pay for and book, but they are not really toddler friendly.


 science museum in uk

Warner Bros. Studio Tour


Warner Bros. Studio is the kind of place you can spend hours touring yet still not have enough of, resulting in you wanting to visit again and again, considering that every time you’ll visit, there will be something new and exciting to see.

This time those new and exciting additions to the place’s tour are the forbidden forest and gringrotts bank.

You are sure to have an excellent day out considering the less crowdedness, informative and helpful staff, phenomenal details, interactive displays, and safety and security you’ll feel when touring the magical place.

And, for the Potterheads out there, this place is a must-visit! You’ll surely get engaged, engrossed, and lost in the experience even if you are not a part of the fandom, and yes!

It is fascinating and interesting enough to capture your interest and attention even if you are not a big fan of Harry Potter! Not only can you have a peek of how particular iconic and well-known films were made,

but also enjoy the delicious food and be able to buy great souvenirs to remind you of the trip once you’re done!


Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Ilam Park, near Ashbourne:

This well-kept and taken care of park in England is truly a great place to enjoy the scenery and have long walks with your family, especially in the fall, considering it truly shows its beauty in the Autumn.

Stunning scenery, vast grounds, chilly weather, wholesome and fresh food, what’s there to not love about this place? The pictures of the place definitely don’t do it justice,

and so does one visit, so be sure to visit this place; I assure you, it doesn’t disappoint. Be ready to take your inner child out as you will have so much fun climbing amongst the treetops sliding back down to the ground.



Declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Stonehenge is a 5000 years old temple that was used for giving different types of sacrifices to Pagan Gods.

You will love learning, exploring Stonehenge and its history. It is a very interactive tour, which is very exciting and informative at the same time.

The visit does not only leave you to spell bounded but stunned by the spiritual experience.

What is surmised about these structures, their construction, and the people who left them? You cannot take in the magnitude of this ancient structure until you visit the site.

Some extra features of the place:

  • Photogenic place
  • You will have a detailed archaeological experience



Bewilderwood is an adventure park located in Horning.It’s a perfectly safe space for families with kids of all ages.

So if you want to have a great family day out filled with adventure and fun during the lockdown days while following the COVID guidelines properly, this is the perfect place to do so.

Kids can enjoy sliding, climbing, and running around and have fun at the treehouse maze, treehouse slides, zip wires, too, all that in a lovely setting that captures their imaginations.

You can either let your toddlers run wild in the toddlerville area or enjoy the 25-minute storytelling session in the entirely open place, whichever your kids would love the most.

But that’s not the only activity you and your kids would thoroughly enjoy; there is so much more like; boat rides, hand puppet shows, rope climbs, and making lanterns.


Some extra features of the place:

Clear guidance for age suitability at each attraction.

  • Lots of bathrooms nearby
  • Free parking
  • Spectacular lighting
  • Well-priced and tasty food has a nice variety of healthy choices


Some tips the reviewers recommended everybody else to use:

Make sure your kid (s) is five years old

  • Because that will make the experience so much more enchanting for them.
  • Considering they will be able to do so much more activities in the place
  • Wear wellies or walking boots in the Autumn or
  • Just sensible shoes if it’s not Autumn.
  • Wear clothes you can move in (not too fitted)
  • Travel light!


National Space Centre:

If you want something different for your child, like an educational attraction that is informative and interactive at the same time, this is the place you need to visit!

A cosmic day out to this place for a fantastic family day out is undoubtedly a great way to introduce your kids to space and environmental sciences. The trip will surely be an out of the world experience for your children.

Relatively empty because of the current circumstances, interactional and informatory aspects for younger children, an incredible planetarium, the phenomenal and fascinating “We are Aliens” show, what there’s not to enjoy?


Some extra features of the place:

Fair priced food

  • Well- stocked gift shop
  • Plenty of signs advising only one group or
  • family to use certain activities at a time
  • Eating area inside a rocket
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Induction loop in the planetarium for hearing
  • aid users


Warwick Castle:

 The Medieval castle in Warwick, England, is truly an iconic venue to visit.

Especially when Halloween is near because then you could treat yourself, your friends, or your family to the Halloween special ‘Castle after Dark.’

Not only will you enjoy the shows, haunted hallows, but also the dungeons and overall the spooky experience that is surely worth the visit and cost.

With so much to explore and do, you won’t be able to comprehend how the time passed by so fast.

And even with all the waiting (which depends on how many people are there) and restrictions, you will find yourself having as much fun as you would without them.

So be sure to visit the castle if you ever want to have a medieval experience or some spooky fun when Halloween is around the corner!


Warwick Castle

Some extra features of the place:

Great price of

  • admission 
  • Perfect lighting
  • Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff that don’t rush you


Dorset Heavy Horse Centre

This dog-friendly and family-run tourist attraction in England is perfect for you, whether you are going with your family, partner, or grandchildren.

You will be able to enjoy the real countryside experience with heavy horse carriage rides, driving farm tractors, miniature pony and carriage rides, vintage fairground rides, animal petting, and pedal go-carts.

Suppose you want to have some good old fashioned fun in beautiful surroundings, I can’t think of any better place for just that.

Beautifully looked after horses, a fantastic playpark, old fashioned amusements, delicious, fresh, hot and home-cooked food, gypsy caravans, and knowledgeable staff

that can explain to you all about the different breeds of horses, and safety and security, what else could you need to enjoy the experience of a place?


Some extra features of the place:

  • Relatively easy to social
  • distance here
  • Two different timetables aimed at both adults and children.



All of these places are sure to provide you with one of kind experience that creates memorable moments for you to cherish for years to come.

Not only do kids enjoy at these fun places but so do adults as their inner child recalls the sweet memories of childhood.

Do comment below and let us know which family attractions you have visited and which place is your most favorite.