Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Incredible And Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Newlyweds need time alone in an exotic destination to celebrate their love, but preferably without breaking the bank. Many couples cannot wait for this moment, but their main concern is the cost of their honeymoon trip.

There are plenty of options for romantic destinations with a low budget, including transportation, food, and accommodation. Here are our top seven cheap honeymoon destinations that will give you a romantic experience full of unforgettable memories, without exceeding your budget. If you imagine yourself on the beach on your dream honeymoon, check out our favourite beach destinations.

Incredible And Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

  1. BALI, Indonesia Bali

It is known as the “Gods’ Island,” this destination gained fame after being the setting for “Eat, Pray, Love”, the movie where Julia Roberts discovered herself in a wonderful landscape full of romance, amazing views, and ancient Buddhist temples.

Having Bali as your honeymoon destination is a decision you won’t forget! It is one of the most wonderful places in the world; you can enjoy warm sunsets on the beach, explore the magnificent Ubud’s jungle, or unwind in an authentic yoga class.

There are resorts for all budgets, which offer a great variety of local cuisine and access to the beaches.

Accommodation is very affordable, with prices per night from $21 to $380 available in this paradise of white sand beaches and calm clear turquoise water.


Everybody knows Mexico as one of the best and cheapest honeymoon destinations. You can make the most of your romantic nights in a world-famous resort that will not blow your budget.

Mexico has several economical options, which makes it easy to adapt to your budget and tastes, but it is always a good idea to book flights and accommodation in advance to get the lowest possible seasonal fees.

The most beautiful regions are in the south-east, where you can find two of the new seventh world wonders:

  1. Chichén Itzá
  2. Cenotes

What about swimming with dolphins or turtles? Or visiting extreme water parks? All of these are part of the entertainment options that the white sand beaches of Mexico offer.

What about nightlife? The Mexican Caribbean invites you to wild parties, incredible Pre-Hispanic shows, typical delicious food, and a memorable experience.



If you are looking for adventure, Peru has some of the most adventurous places in the world, at a surprisingly affordable price point. The clue is to travel either between September and November or March and May. As usual, try to avoid traveling during summer.

In Peru, nature is a fundamental part of the attraction. So is the fantastic history; you cannot miss seeing the glorious Incan Empire, with the ancient city of Machu Pichu surrounded by foggy forests and the magnificent Andes mountains.

The price of accommodation can vary, but most are around $249 per night, with a luxury environment, delicious Peruvian cuisine, fascinating tours, and shamanic ceremonies with spiritual leaders to bless your marriage.



Jamaica is well known for its wide variety of all-inclusive luxury hotels so you can experience a five-star honeymoon at a minimal cost. There are even special honeymoon packages set in 500 beautiful acres of natural reserve for only $234 per night, including a cold bottle of sparkling wine, special coverage, and breakfast in bed.

If you are looking to connect with nature, you can take a diving or snorkelling class on the 50-kilometer Negril Coral Reef. Another option is to swim in the Glistening Waters Lagoon, where just a touch lightens its waters due to the natural bioluminescence.

Finally, it would be perfect to finish your honeymoon tour visiting Bob Marley’s house in Ocho Rios, where the king of reggae lived, and his legacy remains so far.




Turkey might be one of the best options if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable honeymoon trip. This beautiful country is located at the meeting point of the east and west, and has been the cradle of uncountable civilizations over the span of centuries.

This destination offers:

  • Amazing landscapes
  • Unique culture
  • Ancient traditions

With its 1,700 kilometres and location in the intersection of Europe and Asia, you can enjoy the varying weather and regions of Turkey: from the Black sea mountains to the Anatolian Plateaus, or to the tourist attractions of its Mediterranean cities.

Just four hours from Istanbul, you will find the city of Cappadocia, famous for wind-carved landscapes that seem to be out of this world. It offers a special hotel called “Argos”, which is located in an ancient monastery for only $200 per night. Its rooms have been built with the rests of underground tunnels and renovated caves.

There are lots of different ways to explore Turkey and its magical Cappadocia Valleys; you can choose from a hot air balloon trip, walking or horseback riding. You will be amazed by the rocky cave formations, also known as “fairy chimneys.”


The honeymoon is an important moment for all newlyweds, giving them the opportunity to collect experiences, storiescultureexcitement, and trust a they begin a new stage in their love story.

These different destinations can create the magical moment for you and your partner to share. If you have you already decided on a destination, then you must check out our articles on popular cheap flights and hotels. If you have any affordable destinations to add, drop a comment down below!