Cheap Hotels in Nottingham

Cheap Hotels in Nottingham For Your Next Trip

If you plan to go on a trip to Nottingham and want to know the cheapest Hotels in Nottingham to stay in during your visit, then you’ve come to the perfect place!

I have researched for 48 hours and have rounded up the top best yet

cheapest hotels in Nottingham

and also rounded up some of the best and Cheap Hotels in London.

1. Roomzzz Nottingham City

It is a beautifully structured, 4-star hotel that offers spacious, lovely, and well-soundproofed rooms with comfy beds and a small kitchen & one of the Cheap Hotels in Nottingham.

The hotel where the

  • Staff is Friendly
  • All the excellent Facilities are Available
  • All your Needs are Met
  • Your Expectations are Exceeded

One adult for one night is charged around 98 dollars and do not fret; this hotel is of great value for your money.

The breakfast provided is delicious, coffee or tea is available 24/7, the location is excellent and is close to all city center facilities with

A short walk,the refurbishment is unique and overall this hotel is excellent for your next trip to Nottingham.

2.Crowne Plaza Nottingham

Yes, the hotel with professional yet helpful staff, comfortable and clean rooms, and absolute quality of service & also other Cheap Hotels in Nottingham. The highly recommended hotel has a

  • Great Breakfast
  • Clean Spa Facilities
  • A relaxed Ambiance
  • A Vast Pool

You can have easy access to Wi-Fi, and the rooms also have a work desk and laptop safe.

Enjoy the chilly air coming from the air conditioners, and there is no more boredom when you have a flat-screen tv with the latest blockbuster movies. And, oh yeah!

No need to worry if you run out of toiletries; the bathrooms are stocked with free toiletries.De-stress and enjoy the Urban Escape Spa, which includes a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and steam room.

Plus, you can also pamper yourself with the offered beauty treatments and work out at the gym.

And for all the coffee-loving readers, good news for you. This hotel is known for its great coffee, so if you want to enjoy delicious coffee during your trip, this hotel might be the one you want to consider staying in.

All this, for how much you ask, well one adult for one night costs $108, and before you scroll down saying it’s too expensive, consider all the facilities you are getting.

3.Lace Market Hotel Nottingham by Compass Hospitality

The hotel that is spot on & also one of the Cheap Hotels in Nottingham, toiletries in the rooms are not single-use, reception is 24 hours, and the rooms are quiet and clean. Not to mention, it has an attached pub, comfy beds, and many choices for breakfast.

Enjoy the spectacular view, the allergy-friendly beds, telephones with voicemail and minibars.

Sip on cocktails and afternoon teas at the Saint Bar and bite into delicious foods at the vast array of restaurants in the surrounding area or even enjoy breakfast in bed.

Plus, you can even

  • Roam Around the Surrounding Streets
  • Filled with Historic Buildings
  • Malls
  • Entertainment Places

Also, let’s not forget the coffee/tea makers in all the rooms, and there is no need to make constant trips to Starbucks anymore when you can make it yourself in the comfort of your room!

And prepared to be shocked, wanna know how much you might have to pay for all these facilities and luxuries? Well, for one adult and night, only $87!

4.Holiday Inn Derby Riverlights

yes, you heard it right, the hotel is in the center of the town and is also a Cheap Hotels in Nottingham which is near the shopping centers and bars. The hotel has modern and clean rooms and welcoming staff, the one with every facility and a free gym.

It also is close to nightclubs and pubs and also has 24/7 car parking, which is nearly 8 pounds. Munch and sip on snacks and drinks using the small section for free snacks and beverages.

Lastly, you can relax in the 24/7 open Stresa Bar and lounge. And how much for all this? Well, for one night for one adult, only $99!

5.Whiteley Mill

Whiteley Mill is The perfect hotel for a quick stopover & it’s also one of the cheapest Hotels in Nottingham. This hotel is an exceptional value for your money with it’s

  • Comfortable and Welcoming Rooms
  • Good Parking
  • A Safe and Quiet Location

And, for all the fashionistas and girls out there, every room comes with a wardrobe.

I want to let you know; private parking can be arranged at an extra charge. Other than that, for all the other facilities, you only have to pay $57 and yes, for one adult and one night!

Novotel Nottingham Derby, yes, the one with spacious rooms with a fridge and separate bathrooms, good location, first-class breakfast, and modern but clean decor and furniture.

And you might not believe me, but they also have satellite TVs! And how much will all of this cost, you may wonder, well, only $69 for one adult and one night only!


Whiteley Mill


6.Hotel ibis Nottingham Centre

Wherefrom the management to the staff, all are helpful and efficient. The hotel is impressive in all ways, from having a good central and easily accessible location to having clean, functional, and no grill rooms.

The cleanliness is well taken care of, and the check-in process is quick. It is a modern hotel with a stylish 24-hour bar and front desk.

This is where the service is fast, and light snacks are available 24/7. And let’s not forget the buffet breakfast each morning.

7.Bentinck Hotel

The hotel provides attractive rooms. Each room is elegantly styled and comes with a

  • Flat-Screen TV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wardrobe
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Hairdryer
  • Complimentary Toiletries
  • Coffee/Tea Making Facilities

A free of charge continental breakfast is provided, and if you have diet restrictions, breakfast with gluten-free options is already out & available.

It makes an excellent addition to the menu. The train station is a few steps away, as the Bentinck Hotel is opposite the train station, so if you ever need parking, use the train parking garage.

You can park on the 2nd level and enter the right level to walk through the train station to get to the hotel. It’s ten minutes away from the city center, 5-10 minutes to the castle, and 20-30 minutes away to the football and cricket stadiums.

8.Fairhaven Guest Accommodation

not exactly a hotel, more like a bed and breakfast place, but hey! It is a great place to stay in. It is also the best budget-friendly place you could find for yourself, which is not a hotel.

The owners are warm and welcoming, the staff is polite and helpful, and the rooms are clean and tidy. The delicious and brilliant breakfast is a definite plus and makes the experience even better.

And let`s not forget that free off-street car parking is available too! The bedrooms are

  • Comfortably Furnished
  • Flat-screen TVs with DVD players
  • Private Bathrooms With Hairdryers
  • A Kitchenette With Microwaves

Most of them are en-suites with private showers or baths & toilets. Not to mention, tea and coffee facilities and Continental, English, and Irish breakfast options are available too.

Oh, and for all the vegetarians out there, there is no need to worry, they also cater for vegetarians! And even if you don’t prefer their food, there are several good pubs and restaurants around Beeston that serve excellent food.

Want to head to the mall and buy yourself some new stuff? Excellent shopping facilities are too available for you.

9.P and J Hotel

The P and J Hotel is the best place to stay in when visiting Nottingham. The hotel has a family-friendly environment and alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay.

They also have a 24-hour front desk and baggage storage, and oh yeah! Don`t forget; they also have free parking. Crave some Italian during your stay? Check out the famous Italian restaurants nearby.

The staff are hospitable, the place is fragrant, the bed is comfortable, the 100% cotton sheets are clean, and the bathroom is an en suite bathroom.

The location is convenient, and the prices are justifiable since they are homemade and fresh. Overall, excellent value for your money.

10.Hart’s Hotel

where rooms are reasonably priced, the staff is charming, and the cleanliness is exceptional. The hotel is close to central Nottingham and is near to the city center.

The rooms are cozy and comfortable, and the view is excellent. The environment is nice and quiet, and let`s not forget the best part, the phenomenal and fresh breakfast.

For a foodie like me, that is a big deal. It is probably the best hotel breakfast you might have ever eaten.

Have you yet decided which hotel you are going to choose to stay in during your next trip to Nottingham? If you’re deciding to have a trip to Olympia London here are 10 Best Hotels Near Olympia London. If so, let us know which hotel have you chose to stay in.