Places to Travel in Croatia

Holiday Destinations In Croatia

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about the world. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do. If you are looking for the top holiday destinations in Croatia we have you covered. Here we have also picked up Best Beaches in Croatia for making your holiday amazing. Take a look at this list and start to find you a holiday in Croatia.

Top Holiday Destinations In Croatia

1. Dubrovnik

One of the top holiday destinations in Croatia is Dubrovnik. If you want to visit a small town with a true Croatia feel, Dubrovnik is your destination. Looking out onto the water is amazing Croatian architecture and friendly people. Plus you can easily walk around the city and spend a couple of days exploring inside and outside of the city walls.

2. Plitvice Lakes

For those who are looking for a more rugged top holiday destination in Croatia, then Plitvice Lakes is a great choice. Plitvice Lakes is one of Croatia’s best national parks with acres of greenery and numerous waterfalls. You can even stay right in the park to enjoy the beauty around the clock. For those interested in another wonderful national park, you can also travel to the majestic Krka National Park.

3. Zagreb

Zagreb manages to have a small town feel despite being the capital of Croatia. The city is bustling with life and there are many things to do. Some of the best nightlife in Croatia can be found in this beautiful city. In addition to the nightlife, you can find plenty of activities and sights for the day time.



4. Split

Beautifully positioned on the coast is Split, a city built upon the ruins of the former Roman city that was located in the same spot. History is abundant in Split with structures remaining from a myriad of time periods. Local shops also line the roads, providing you with plenty of places to stop throughout the day.

5. Pula

While maybe not as big or majestic as the Colosseum in Rome, Pula is another roman town with its own amphitheater. From that to the other roman architecture in the city to the ports, there is plenty to see in do in this town that has grown as the centuries have gone by. Located just on the tip of the Istria Peninsula, it is a popular travel destination.

6. Rovinj

Another town on the Istrian Peninsula is Rovinj, a set of 20 islands that reach out into the Adriatic Sea. The main town is situated in a circular design surrounding a beautiful church tower. Rovinj is an amazing place to explore and full of art. Try going out to the various islands and seeing even more of Rovinj.

7. Mali Losinj

For those looking for a luxury Croatia holiday you should look at the Hotel Bellevue on Mali Losinj. Moli Losinj is a island with very little on it besides the luxury Hotel Bellevue. From relaxing suites to the private beach and spa, you can find a lot to do at this secluded getaway and you are sure to unwind.

8. Nin

For those who are looking for a romantic get away, you should take a look at Nin. One of the oldest towns in all of the Mediterranean, Nin is a walled city with some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. As you walk down the small streets you will see traces from over 3,000 years of history. Couples from around the world choose to holiday in Nin because of the

  • Wonderful Beaches
  • Relaxing nature

Hopefully this list helped to find you a holiday in Croatia. We handpicked some of the top places and tried to provide you a mix of destinations. If you want to travel elsewhere, make sure that you take a peek at our other articles!

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