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Hotel Colón in Benidorm Spain is a wonderful country with great people but it has a lot of places to stay. Especially when traveling in Benidorm. While in Benidorm, our recommendation for a hotel is the Hotel Colón. A sea front hotel with plenty to see and do.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from a visit to Hotel Colón.

The Hotel Itself:

The Hotel Colón opened in 1961 and has since been a popular option for people from around the world. TripAdvisor has Hotel Colón rated at 4.5 stars, a great rating. In 2002 the hotel went through a renovation to refresh all of the rooms, for comfort and to improve the experience.benidorm

A 24 hour reception desk is there to greet all of those who walk through the door. The brilliant and modern design of the lobby is both welcoming and stylish for everyone who enters.

Located right at the Hotel Colón is the Taberna del Colon, a brewery and restaurant. You don’t even have to leave the hotel to experience some of the best Spain has to offer for food and drink. Patio seating is available and can even be reserved. A quick stop to the Taberna is a great way to cool down for lunch or relax for dinner.

In addition to the Taberna there is a dining room to stop at and enjoy. All of the dishes are made at the hotel by local chefs. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is available at the dining room for guests. The food includes special menus for those with dietary needs.

Rooms At Hotel Colón:

You will find that every room has a fresh and unique look to it. Single and double rooms are available for guests when staying at the hotel. Comfortable linen and perfect mattresses are there to greet you for your sleep or as a place to watch the in-room televisions. When the weather changes from the optimal Benidorm weather you have the option of using the air conditioning or heater.

Room service is available in the hotel between 11 am and Midnight.

All of the rooms at Hotel Colón are external with windows and balconies. The majority of the rooms at the hotel face the beach and sea, a wonderful view. On a good day, like most days are, you can see out onto the ocean with the horizon being beautiful. Enjoying the sunset and sunrise from your hotel room or the neighboring beach is great.

The Cost:

While the Hotel Colón is a wonderful place to stay, cost wise, it is considered to be a cheap hotel. One that many people want to stay at. You will find that a stay at the Hotel Colón costs anywhere between $71 and $151. This is for the price of a standard room. The price variance is due to the seasonal changes and the booking options available across the internet.

By booking your hotel room in combination with a diving package at the Nautical Club of Benidorm is a great way to save money. The double booking is a great way to get discounts while enjoying a wonderful experience.summer To get this booking you can visit the hotel website where there is a link to email them. Because of the special discounts involved, email appears to be the only way to get this booking.

The Location:

Hotel Colón is located on Passeig de Colón, a street that houses hotels and other buildings on one side while the other is bordered by the beach. This ensures that there is a wonderful view from the majority of the hotel rooms. In addition to being on a prime street, this location is near a number of popular activities and bars. Including the Way To Play Benidorm, a local amusement park.

Access to transit is readily available from near the Hotel Colón. Taxis and buses are only about 40 meters away from the hotel. Parking is available 200 meters away. Pricing for parking can be found by contacting the hotel.

We invite you to check the other hotels in the area, but after searching and reviewing hotels, Hotel Colón is our choice. The great facility and location make it a prime option in Benidorm. The price also helps. Make sure to check out their website:

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