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Why Choose the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez? Opened in 2013, the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez is a unique, chic hotel located just five minutes from the Port de St. Tropez. The hotel itself is a stunning sight from both the outside and inside, a five-star

wonder that drew immediate attention to itself for all the right reasons.st tropez


The rooms themselves have plenty to offer guest whether staying for a night, a week, or longer. Some of the amenities you find inside the rooms include the following;

  • Price: $363 per night (average)
  • Free Wi-Fi, Flat Screen 3D TVs
  • Minibars, Bathrooms with Mosaic Tiles, and Rainfall Showerheads
  • Balconies with Garden or Sea Views

The second-level suites offers a view of the sea from the balcony and a jacuzzi. Inside the hotel are three bars and two restaurants, meaning you can find plenty of entertainment without ever leaving the hotel. Other amenities include a jacuzzi, day spa, sauna, fitness room, rooftop bar and pool, and Turkish bath.


If there is one aspect of the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez that exceeds the five-star accommodations, it is the location itself. For those who want to experience what St. Tropez has to offer, the hotel is quite close to many of the most prominent features.

  • Port de Saint Tropez: 5-minute walk
  • Plage de la Bouillabaisse Beach: 11-minute walk
  • Gassin Golf Country Club: 8.3km from hotel

If you want to see the sights, staying at the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez is the perfect place.


There are excellent reasons to choose the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez, starting with the exceptional rooms and perfect location. If you are on the fence about whether this five-star hotel is for you, here are a few other considerations.landscape

Special Offer during Grande Braderie: The most popular time of the year in St. Tropez is the Grande Braderie weekend that is every October. If there was ever a time to visit this beautiful city, it is during the Grande Braderie. The hotel offers special rates during this time which means you can spend less on your accommodations and more on seeing the sights.

360-Degree Views from Rooftop: Whether lounging in the rooftop pool or sitting at the bar, arguably the most stunning views are from the top of the hotel. You can take in much of St. Tropez while sipping your favorite drink or relaxing in the pool with family and friends.

It is true that some of the rooms may be a little small, but that cozy feature helps make your experience at the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez even more enjoyable.

If you are in Paris and looking for a complete experience on your trip, staying at the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez is a must. Offering excellent accommodations at a reasonable price, providing the finest amenities in a stunning setting, and being close to the many sights and attractions that St. Tropez has to offer, the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez is definitely for you.

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