Hotels in Beverly Hills Los Angeles

As a city in the county of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is situated in one of the most well-known locations in the United States, if not the world. Besides the Beverly Hills sign and the show Beverly Hills 90210, the city is also well-known as home to many of the famous movie and television stars. People who want to travel to Los Angeles, Hollywood, and surrounding areas, often want to stay in Beverly Hills and enjoy the same luxury that the stars do.

Trying to decide where to stay in Beverly Hills? Take a look at some of these top hotels.

Hotels in Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Owned by Hilton, the Waldorf Astoria brand is well-known as having some of the most luxurious brands. The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is no different. From the moment you spot the grand hotel you will know that. Large rooms with amazing views of the city await guests at the Waldorf.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills brings its guests a large number of amenities to enjoy, take a look at some of the most popular:

  • Stunning views
  • Sun Terrace
  • Outdoor heated swimming pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Pets are allowed
  • Pet bowls available
  • Fitness, wellness, and spa facility
  • Loads of languages spoken
  • Babysitting available
  • 24/7 front desk available
  • Parking available

So much can be seen at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, we can only list some of them. Take a look at the Waldorf’s page to  see the pictures of the hotel and to see what features are available. You will also find the current prices and room availability.

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Four Seasons is a brand of hotels that can be found around the world, many of them are quality hotels with comfortable rooms and great designs. The Beverly Hills Four Seasons is one of those. The luxury hotel has an island design on the outside while each room has a modern luxury feel to it. When you stay at the hotel you will have wonderful views of the city but also be able to feel like you are outside of the city life. All of this is comes chuck full of amenities and with some of the best hotel staff out there.

As we said the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is full of amenities, take a look at some of the most popular ones:

  • Garden and terrace
  • Library
  • Pets are allowed, must be requested
  • Pet bowls available
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Outdoor heated salt-water swimming pool
  • Fitness, wellness, and spa services
  • Plethora cleaning services
  • Reception services, including 24/7 front desk staff
  • Plenty of languages spoken
  • Babysitting services available

A good number of amenities were listed here but you can only see so many of them here and get only so much from text. Take a look at the Four Seasons page to see all of what they have to offer. You will find not just that but the current prices and room availability. There is much more to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.


The Beverly Hills Hotel – Dorchester Collection

You might have heard the Beverly Hills Hotel – Dorchester Collection referred to as the Pink Palace. It is one of the popular luxury hotels in Beverly Hills and the design is very Beverly Hills. The hotel is situated on the famous Sunset Boulevard and has plenty of features and amenities to enjoy during your stay. Every room has a luxury appearance, just like the rest of the property. The island appearance of the spa and pool area will help you to relax during your stay despite being in the city.

You will find a lot of amenities during your stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel – Dorchester Collection. Here are some of the most enjoyed:

  • Terrace, sun terrace, and garden
  • Pets allowed on request with bowls and baskets available
  • Mini-market in hotel
  • Outdoor heated salt-water pool with bar
  • Allergy free rooms available
  • Rooms are soundproofed
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Parking on-site
  • 24/7 front desk
  • Tour desk
  • Barber shop
  • Fitness, wellness, and spa center
  • Multiple languages spoken

So much can be seen at the Beverly Hills Los Angeles – Dorchester Collection, we can only possibly list some of it here. Make sure to visit the page for the Beverly Hills Los Angeles so that you can view the full amenities list and see some of the wonderful pictures. You will also be able to find up-to-date room availability and prices.

Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills

One of the five star hotels in Beverly Hills is the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. The design of the hotel is that of a traditional five star hotel, with intricate designs, lots of white coloring, and an overall grand appearance. The free car service from Maserati just adds to that luxury concept. Each room comes with a comfy design and plenty of room to move around. Previous guests have nothing but good things to say about the hotel, one of the things they mentioned is the great location. Guests also love the top tier staff that the hotel hires.

A luxury hotel comes with a large amount of amenities and the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills doesn’t let you down when it comes to that. Take a look at some of the wonderful amenities:

  • Sun terrace
  • Outdoor salt-water swimming pool with heat and bar located on the roof
  • Restaurant and bar
  • 24/7 front desk staff
  • Free WiFi
  • Library on-site
  • Pets allowed with pet supplies available
  • Fitness and wellness center on-site
  • Safety deposit boxes available
  • Parking on-site and free luxury car service

Our description can only do so much for the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, there are more amenities than we could possibly list here that you will find at the hotel. Take a look at the Viceroy’s page to see all of the details available, including pictures. You will also find current room availability and prices.



SIRTAJ – Beverly Hills

Not far from the famous Rodeo Drive is the SIRTAJ hotel – Beverly Hills. The property is a modern hotel design with a luxury feel to it. Most people will find it the perfect mix of luxury, modern, and comfort. You will be welcomed  in by some of the best staff in the industry and then go up to a comfortable room with plenty of comfortable features. The bar and restaurant are two of the most popular amenities.

Take a look at some of the wonderful amenities that the SIRTAJ – Beverly Hills has to offer to its guests:

  • Private parking available in secure garage
  • Restaurant and bar on-site
  • Coffee house on-site
  • Internet is available in all areas of the hotel at additional cost
  • 24/7 front desk
  • Safety deposit boxes available
  • Cleaning services available
  • Lots of accessibility features available
  • Soundproofed rooms
  • Car hire available
  • Allergen free rooms
  • Non-smoking rooms

The SIRTAJ hotel is definitely unique when it comes to Beverly Hills hotels. It offers plenty of amenities but with a unique design. To truly grasp the SIRTAJ you will need to take a look at their page and view pictures and amenities. You can also find their prices and current room availability there.

Plenty of places can be found to stay in the famous city of Beverly Hills. These are just some of the hotels that you can stay at. Take a look at each of these hotels but don’t be afraid to look at some of the other hotels offered by in order to see the other options available. No matter which hotel you stay at, you are sure to enjoy your Beverly Hills vacation.