Hotels in Blackpool With Parking

16 Best Hotels in Blackpool With Parking

Blackpool is a popular destination for families, couples, and occasionally work. When you come to stay in the city you want to ensure that you get a hotel that suits you. No matter who you are though, you will want a hotel that offers free parking so you don’t have to try and find parking amongst the tight streets of the city.

To help you get the hotel you are looking for we have created a list of various different Blackpool accommodations with parking, here are also the complete guide on trip to Blackpool b & b on Budget . Each one is nestled in a specific category so you can find the one that meets your needs. 

Best Hotels with Free Parking Near Blackpool Pleasure Beach

1.Holmeleigh Hotel

Located near Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, this small yet welcoming hotel will make you feel at home. Each room has its own appearance and feel. Besides private free parking, you will find that the Homeleigh Hotel offers a lounge, bar, and more. No reservation is needed for the free parking.

2.Barton Hotel

Every day at the Barton Hotel you will be greeted with a full English breakfast but that isn’t what keeps people coming to the Barton. Located just South of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach and having free parking, Barton Hotel is a popular choice for a stay. It also has a bar on-site and is close to a number of great restaurants.

3.The Colwyn Hotel

Looking to have a good night’s sleep and to be close to Blackpool Pleasure Beach? The Colwyn Hotel is well-rated as being a comfortable stay. Free parking on-site will help to keep you mobile during your stay. What particularly makes the Colwyn Hotel stand out is that it is family run and has that family-run feel to it.

Which Hotels with Free Parking in Blackpool Have Rooms with Great Views?

4.Fossil Tree Hotel

Located on the North Shore of Blackpool is Fossil Tree Hotel. It is rare to find a good hotel that has both a view and free parking. Fossil Tree Hotel offers both along with a bar, room service, beach access, and more.

5.The Craigmore

The Craigmore Hotel sits right near the beach, offering guests a great view of the surrounding area. A bright sun lounge and a beautiful night scenes further add to your stay. Want something to do while in your room? You can check out board games and puzzles from the front desk.

Which Hotels with Free Parking in Blackpool are Good for Families?

6.Blackpool FC Hotel

Right inside the Bloomfield Road Stadium is the Blackpool FC Hotel, a wonderfully modern hotel that has all of the amenities you would expect and more. Family rooms and kid’s meals make it a great place to stay when you are traveling with your family. Of course, you can’t travel without the whole family and Blackpool FC Hotel welcomes your pets.

7.Trivelles Seaview Blackpool

The Trivelles Seaview Blackpool is one of the best b and b Blackpool with parking. You will find that besides being a Blackpool B&B with parking that it also has family rooms and is located in a perfect area in North Blackpool. Guests rate the hotel as very clean and friendly.

8.The Braeside

Located on the beach of Blackpool is The Braeside. This wonderful hotel is a great destination for families to relax. Besides being prominently located near the beach for family entertainment, your kids will enjoy the nearby water park, books for kids, DVDs for kids, and music that can be checked out from the front desk along with board games and puzzles. Don’t forget to book a family room so there is room for everyone.

Hotels with Free Parking in Blackpool Offer Free Breakfast?

9.The Hotel Sheraton

Hotel Sheraton is located in a prime location in Blackpool, right on the Queens Promenade. The hotel features

  • 2 Bars
  • Night Entertainment
  • Free Parking
  • English breakfast

While family rooms are available, couples like this hotel quite a lot.

What Are Some Hotels with Free Parking in Blackpool that Offer Kids Activities?

10.Family Holidays Blackpool

Staying with your kids will be a dream at the Family Holidays Blackpool. At the hotel, they have everything to keep kids entertained, from a waterslide/water sports facility to indoor and outdoor play areas, kids meals, kid-friendly buffet, a swimming pool with a shallow end. Nearby is also a water park and other entertainment.


Family Holidays Blackpool


11.Dalmeny Hotel

Located on the South Promenade is the Dalmeny Hotel, a family-friendly seaside hotel. A wide variety of features will make your stay at the Dalmeny Hotel wonderful. The swimming pool (and pool toys), kids’ club, kid-friendly buffet, family rooms, and kids’ outdoor play equipment will all help to make staying with kids more enjoyable.

Do Any Hotels with Free Parking in Blackpool have a Spa On-site?

12.Dalmeny Hotel

You will find the Dalmeny hotel in two places on this list. Not only is it a great place to stay for families but it offers a spa on-site. At the on-site spa, you will find great services such as full-body massages and couple massages. Also on-site is a hot tub and jacuzzi for your relaxation needs. A full fitness center with trainers and classes will give you extra benefits for your stay.

13.Reads Luxury Jacuzzi Apartments

Among the many Blackpool hotels central with parking, Reads Luxury Jacuzzi Apartments stand out greatly. Among the standard amenities and free parking, you will find an on-site spa and wellness center. Make sure to schedule some time to spend in the in-room jacuzzis that will help you to relax.
Which Hotels with Parking in Blackpool are Good for Couples?

14.Viking Hotel

Want to get away for the weekend or longer but want to enjoy time as a couple? Viking Hotel in Blackpool is a great destination and the best part is the hotel is adults only. Free parking, free WiFi, a restaurant, and bar are just the start of the amenities. Try the live performances, bingo night, the nightclub, or some of the other evening entertainment.

15.The Mayfair Hotel

As one of the Blackpool Hotels central with parking you know you will be at a central location when staying at Mayfair Hotel. Beyond that, you will find that the Mayfair is a quaint little hotel with romantic vibes. Each room is unique and beyond unique rooms, the friendly staff will help make your stay even more memorable.

16.The Redstone Guesthouse

Set right near the promenade is the Redstone Guesthouse. With spacious yet comfortable rooms, the Redstone makes for quite the romantic stay. Added to that, walking to the beach or the promenade can help make the magic happen. If you want to spend a night in the room together, try borrowing a board game or puzzle from the front desk as a fun activity.

The Redstone Guesthouse may be the last hotel on this list but it is not the last possible Blackpool accommodation with parking.

Take a look at this list and use it to start searching for the best hotels to stay at in the Blackpool area. Each hotel and bed and breakfast on this list were picked because they are the best Blackpool accommodations with parking.

We wanted to ensure that you start your vacation off right with free parking even if you don’t find your stay on this list. Make sure to check out some of the wonderful local Blackpool B&Bs with parking.