Hotels in Sardinia

Hotels in Sardinia

Sardina – Where to stay

Sardinia is known as the paradise located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Obviously, its white sandy beaches and sunny coasts are the main attractions. Here are also the best Places of Attraction in Gran Canaria.

Sardinia is bounteous with many astonishing resorts just for making your holiday as a wonderful experience. Sardinia is ideal for various occasions like

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Family trips
  • Honeymoon

You can also enjoy the

  • Magical sunset
  • Pretty costa Smeralda
  • Crystal clear beaches

Porto Cervo

For romantic couples, Porto Cervo is one of the best choices to enjoy their holiday and it also possesses many comfy accommodations with cent percent quality. Now, let’s see some of the best destinations to stay in Sardinia.

Best Accommodation

  • In the South

In Chia, Hotel Spartivento is the best choice for accommodation. However, it’s quite difficult to find but it’s really worth to put some effort. Bedrooms are constructed towards the hillside just to provide you with peaceful atmosphere. It also possesses some stony terraces with rosemary bushes and its ideal for drying your swimwear. Hotel Spartivento also offers with outdoor dinner and it may give you with immense enjoyment.

Additionally, you can also accommodate in Le Sabbie located in the west of the town. It’s actually a two-storey hotel with super- friendly staffs. There’s no pool in this hotel but a short walk will take you to Sotto Torre Beach.


Best Accommodation


  • In the West

A lovely walk from the beach in the west direction of the town through pinewoods will take you to Hotel Gran Torre and it lies near Torre Grande. It’s really a superb place to enjoy your holiday and provides you with many magnificent features.

Also, in Putzu Idu lies Hotel Raffael and it possess beautiful pool and amazing grounds. You can accommodate in Hotel Sas Benas, Sa Mola, and Bonarcado.

  • In the North

In the North coast of Sardinia, you can live a simple life at Hotel Domominore. It’s basically designed with nice pool and offers you with lovely breakfast. You can reach the destination within 10 minutes from the airport. Overall, it offers you with ultimate enjoyment.

  • In the East

Spending few nights at Hotel Monte Turri will make you feel like heaven. This hotel covers rocky headland near Arabatax. You can also enjoy view of Nature Park with native animals. You can also try beach side campsite for simpler stay.

Hotel Torre Salinas offers you with simpler journey and it instills so many amazing amenities for satisfying the visitors.


Overall, you can enjoy your stay in Sardinia by accommodating in any of the above destination. Here are also the Best Accommodation in London.

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