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Hotels in Yosemite National Park

While visiting Yosemite in the USA during the winters there are numerous accommodations that you can arrange to enjoy your vacation. If you are into trekking and campaigning then it will require a different kind of accommodation, the reservation procedures are also different. You will have all the luxuries and adventure at your service. However, if you still wish to have one, your hotel will always arrange one for you.

Getting there and exploring the park

The easiest way to reach the national park is flying down to Merced Airport, which is at a distance of two hours from Yosemite. The Boutique airways conduct flights from Oakland and Los Angeles international airport to Merced. After you board off at Merced, you will find rentals cars that will take you to Yosemite.

Hotels in Yosemite

The Park in the USA has something for every kind of tourist. While for the nature lovers there are serene falls and green woods, soothing the eyes and souls. An adventurer will find peaks to trek and camp amidst nature. The main attractions within and surrounding the Yosemite is

• Half Dome
• Yosemite Falls
• Vernal Falls
• Glacier Point
• El Capitan
• Yosemite Museum / Yosemite Museum / Yosemite Visitor Center
• Mirror Lake
• Sentinel Dome
• Nevada Fall

Choose your accommodation

One you are the national park you must find yourself a good accommodation to rest your tired body. There are ample hotels to select from. However, you need to choose, where you would like to stay. These hotels are in very close proximity with the valley. Some of the well-known hotels with the park:

  • The Majestic Yosemite Lodge aka
  • The Ahwahnee Hotel
  • Yosemite Valley Lodge
  • Half Dome Village is better known as Curry Village

Here we have also selected some of the cheap and Best Luxury Hotels in London for you. Hotels like Housekeeping Camp will even offer you will camp amidst the woods.

You will also find lodges and homestays outside the valley. Though these accommodations are outside the valley but are still inside the entrance gates of the park. Most of them will offer you with bed and breakfast. Hotels like

  • Big Trees Lodge aka
  • The Wawona Hotel
  • Tuolumne Meadows
  • White Wolf, High Sierra Camps


Best Accommodations


All these hotels are with the distance of 50 to 90 minutes drive away from the woods. So check out the best deal on a hotel and enjoy your holidays.

Many people from around the world love to visit different places where they feel most enthusiastic. Each of these places is having their own unique importance which is attracting the respective individuals over those locations. These tourists are visiting these places while travelling down from around the world to these places based on their liking.

Most of the places are selected based on the hobbies of the individuals. Their hobbies will determine which kind of place will they select and the area for which it is popular for. It will thereby bring down people from all around the world who are having common interest levels to come over a commonplace and thereby explore the targeted place.

Importance of selection of right 

As in most of the cases the people who are visiting a particular place are mostly having a common interest level. This will help the hotel owners over there to plan the kind of hotel view accordingly. It will thereby help these tourists to select the hotel which best suits them. These hotels are normally planned near the tourist locations as they will be receiving numerous amounts of visitors.

Places to stay in Yosemite

For the case of tourists as they have traveled over a long route to the Yosemite National Park they require a place to stay which can give them desired rest and peace. This requires careful selection of the hotels at the desired location. If hotels are not selected properly then they will not be receiving the desired rest which they require which will ultimately result that they won’t be able to explore the targeted place.

In order to have a good view from your hotel one can select the hotel which is in close proximity to the valley. This will help you to have a nice view from your hotel room of the valley. It will result in more enjoyable view and pleasant experience in your hotel room itself. It can thereby make your vacation worth to be visited at the desired location.

Hotels where you can stay

The prime question which arises in mind of every tourist to Yosemite is where to stay in Yosemite. There are many different kinds of hotels available at the Yosemite. Each of these hotels is designed in order to meet the expectation of the tourists which are visiting those locations. This results in large varieties of hotels being designed where each of them is having a different variety of peculiarities.

Different kind of hotels which are available includes

  • Ahwahnee hotel
  • Yosemite Valley Lodge
  • Half Dome Village

Each of these hotels is designed in order to make the visitors most comfortable at Yosemite. One should select the hotel based on their liking and the price range of them which they can afford.

Few of the individuals also like to have their camp in the woods. They will also get an amazing housekeeping camp which will be amidst the woods. This will allow them to explore the beauty of nature while they are staying in the woods and exploring the forest when they are living in between the same.

When any of the visitors are coming to Yosemite for exploring the targeted location then normally they would prefer the hotel which is near to the location. It would help them to visit the place with great ease and thereby have more time to explore the areas which are around those places. This will help them with greater productive time being spent rather than being spent on travelling.

There are few of the hotels near Yosemite which include

  • Big Trees Lodge
  • Tuolumne Meadows
  • White Wolf
  • High Sierra Camps

These hotels are providing an amazing range of services to the visitors who are going to stay at their hotel. Even the services which they are providing care at a much decent price which most of the visitors over there can afford to stay at the respective hotels.

The hotels which are discussed are quite nearer to the location of the visit. They are located at a distance of 50 to 90 minutes from the woods. This will encourage the visitors to visit the woods at their own pace without worrying about the travelling. Even their least time will be spent over travelling to the desired location.

One should also check out the season during which they are selecting to travel to Yosemite. This will affect their selection of the hotels at the desired location and will help in the selection of the hotels which best satisfies their needs and also available at the most decent price to them.


Thus, we can say that there are many different kinds of accommodation which are designed at the Park. Each of these hotels is having their own unique peculiarity which is encouraging the visitors to explore the woods at the Yosemite National park. Even the kind of services which are available is of amazing quality at the most decent price possible.

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