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How to Find Cheap Hotels When Traveling

Vacations can be quite expensive. Finding ways to cut down on the cost can help you to enjoy your holiday even more. One of the first places that you can start saving is by finding good prices for your hotel. To help with that process we are going to look at some of the best tips for finding a good price at a hotel.

Look For Membership Discounts

We all have at least one membership in our lives, whether it is to a club, group, service, or something else. Not all of us are aware that these memberships can get us discounts on our travel needs. Including travel with the family. One of the most well-known memberships that gives a discount when booking hotels is AAA.

Another type of membership that you can use is a membership with a specific hotel chain. Whether it is a free, rewards-based membership or one you pay for, these can be a good way to cut costs when traveling. You may only be able to stay at the chain that you have a membership with but you likely have that membership because you like that chain.

Make sure that you use these memberships when browsing booking websites or similar sites. Many of these sites allow you to input your membership details and allow you to thus get the best deal possible.

Spend Time Looking for The Best Prices

For those of you who are looking for the best deals, it isn’t going to come right away. To truly find the best deals out there you are going to need to spend time looking. Make sure that you combine all of the tips that we talk about here. This will give you the maximum savings and allow you to get the most out of your vacation.

With time spent looking for the best prices you may be able to get an even better hotel than you were thinking of. A lot of people are surprised when this happens, they think it is far rarer than it is to find great deals.

Be Flexible

One of the best things that you can do to get the best prices is to be flexible with your vacation. Flexibility in your travel dates, the exact location for your stay, and more will help you to find the best prices. Quite often if you are willing to fly in on different days or to stay just a little bit outside of the town you are traveling to, you can find the best deals.

Many travel sites have an option that you can tick to indicate that you are willing to be flexible with your travel. This won’t just save you money when it comes to selecting a hotel, but will also save you money on other parts of your trip such as your flight and car.

Use A Hotel Booking Site

Hotel booking sites are traditionally a great place to turn in order to get the best prices. Booking sites allow you to see discounts going on but will also offer special pricing based on availability and your account. Some hotel booking sites can also be connected to your memberships such as AAA or hotel specific memberships.

Booking sites also include a lot of features to help you narrow down the specific type of hotel and price you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a hotel that offers family rooms, you can filter for those.

For those who want to make sure that they are getting the best price for a specific hotel that they are looking at, visit that hotel’s website. When visiting the site, make sure that you match all the filters down to that of the booking site. For example, you want to get the dates and rooms right in order to make sure you are viewing the most accurate prices. Most times, the booking site will be the best price out there.

Don’t Just Look At Packages

A large number of people look for hotels in packages with other parts of their vacation. For example, they might look for a hotel and rental car package. While on the surface, these deals might look good, they often aren’t the best prices that you can find if you are dedicated to finding the best deals. They are just better than booking the hotel by itself with no research.

You also get far fewer options when you are only looking at packages for your hotels. These packages only include certain hotels, and usually not the hotels that are available at the best prices.

Sometimes a travel package might be the best option for your holiday so don’t discount it, but also don’t take it without looking at the other options out there.

Cheap Hotels in Blackpool

Blackpool is a wonderful city on the sea side of the United Kingdom. It is a very popular travel destination with a lot of attractions. The pier is one of the biggest attractions. Set on the sea is the traditional arcade that is brilliant to see at night, all lit up. Blackpool also offers a wonderful zoo and an amazing tower as just a couple of the other attractions.

When you travel to Blackpool, you want to get the best price on hotels possible so that you can save your money to explore the local attractions and eat some of the best cuisine. Take a look at these cheap hotel options in Blackpool to get some inspiration.

Cliffs Hotel

Located at the Queens Promenade Cliffs Hotel is a wonderful option for a vacation when you are looking to travel on a budget. While remaining an affordable option, Cliffs Hotel is full of features that can enhance your stay. Not just that, but the design of the hotel is purely enjoyable. On the outside it is a grand brick building while on the inside it is full of modern furnishings.

Have a look at what the Cliffs Hotel has to offer you when looking to stay there:

  • All ages, heated indoor swimming pool with a bar
  • Beachfront access
  • Fitness, wellness, and spa facilities
  • Indoor play area for kids
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Kids meals available
  • Plenty of on-site activities
  • WiFi is available for free in the hotel
  • Street parking available
  • 24/7 security on-site
  • Non-Smoking Facility

The Fossil Tree Hotel

When you picture a hotel in a town as traditional as Blackpool, you are probably imagining something similar to what the Fossil Tree Hotel looks like. This brick hotel looks very much like an English hotel. The major difference with this hotel is the fact that it is available at a very reasonable price compared to some of the other options out there. It is also one of the top picks in Blackpool on

Take a look at some of the great amenities that you will find when staying at the Fossil Tree Hotel:

  • Beachfront access
  • Movie nights
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Breakfast in room available
  • Free parking available on-site
  • Adult only hotel
  • Board games and puzzles available for in-room entertainment
  • Non-smoking facility
  • Allergen-free rooms available

A lot of different options are available for cheap hotels, no matter where you are traveling. The more flexible you are, the more options you will have. Take a look at these two hotels in Blackpool and see if they are a good fit for your holiday.