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Finding A Budget HotelI know when I go on vacation that everything starts to add up quickly. That is one of the reasons I like to try and find a budget hotel. In my travels I have found that there are often places to stay that still have great quality while not costing an arm and a leg.

These hotels are not alway easy to find though. You have to pick them out from the rest of the hotels.hotel

Finding the right budget hotel doesn’t have to be hard though, today I am going to share with you the tips I use to find a budget hotel when I travel.

Tip 1: Forget About The Stars

Star ratings for hotels can tell you how expensive a hotel is but they don’t necessarily tell you how nice a hotel is. A three-star hotel can be just as clean as a five-star hotel. When I am growing for a cheap hotel room, I look for the amenities that a hotel has listed and the user reviews. In addition, you have to remember you are trying to find a budget hotel. The more stars a hotel has, the more they will charge.

Tip 2: Check For Discounts

Before searching for an actual hotel, I always look at my options. A number of sources out there provide discount options. Groupon, AAA, and my work all offer discounts on hotels. That being said, there isn’t always a great deal for everywhere that I want to travel. No matter whether I expect to find something or not, I always try.

If I do find anything I write it down. I don’t discount other options though. Research can help you to find a better option and I am all about finding the right deal.

Tip 3: Start The Search

I start the search by using a hotel search website such as to look at the options available in the area. On these search sites you will be able to see the features, amenities, reviews, and more. This is why I turn to these locations, to get a general idea of the options that are available.

If I find a hotel that I like on this list, I take it to Google to see the exact location and to get an idea of the general rating. Ratings on Google are submitted by users, not a scale that determines stars. Marking how far the hotel is away from the sights you want to see is also a factor to consider. You don’t want to pay less for a hotel only to have to pay more for transportation.

For each hotel that I like, I add it to the list. This list will be my reference throughout the rest of the search. It is always important to keep an open mind though, as you might find more hotels to add to it.

With this search, if you are having trouble finding a hotel that meets your needs or you want more options, try a hotel that may be a city away. Many cities have public transportation options making it feasible to stay a little further away.

Tip 4: Real User Reviews

One thing that I always do is read the user reviews of hotels. These are a great way to get to know the actual quality of a hotel. I expect every hotel to have one or two negative reviews. When the negative aspects pop up a lot, I know there is a concern with the hotel.hotel

Another thing to keep an eye out for is reviews that sound fake or generic. It wouldn’t be a first for a business to have fake reviews. After looking at business reviews enough, you learn to spot them.

Should something in a review spark a concern, I make note of it on my list. If the review(s) are negative enough, I will completely remove the hotel from the list. In most cases I will just look for other concerns.

Tip 5: Visit The Hotel Websites

Now that you have a list of hotels that interest you, it is time to do one of my favorite parts. Look at the hotel websites. These websites often offer the most accurate and up-to-date information on the hotel. I compare the features of the hotels to what I am looking for.

Depending on my reason for traveling I will have features that I need and features that I don’t want to compromise on. For example, if I am traveling for business or have remote work to do, an internet connection is a must.

I bet you can guess what I do if I don’t like a hotel’s website. It gets removed from the list. After all of this I should have a fairly good idea of my options.

Tip 6: Price My Options

I have a good understanding of my options and what is out there. Now its time to use that information to see how much a hotel room costs. After going to Hotels4U, I take turns looking at the price for each hotel to stay for the amount of time I need. I write the price down next to each hotel that I am considering staying at.

If my plans aren’t in place yet, I will be a little flexible with my dates so that I can get the best deal. Sometimes just by adjusting my stay by a day, I can change the whole price. Mid-week prices tend to be the best. And as long as you aren’t traveling during a major vacation time, you will have fewer wait times and less traffic at your destination. Okay, there is one exception, major theme parks like Disneyland are almost always busy!

With all of this information in front of me, I have to try and make a decision. For me, this is the hardest part of the process. I want to get the best budget hotel but I also want to make sure that I get the right features. Going over the list, I pick the hotel that is at the right price but offers me everything that I am looking for.

After all of this, I should have the best hotel to stay at. I have covered options and done my research. As long as I paid attention to everything that I learned during the process, I should have a hotel that is clean and welcoming without paying too much. These steps have yet to let me down, so they shouldn’t let you down either.

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