Plan on traveling to Yogyakarta? 
The profound and socially rich Jogja (as it is popularly called) has dependably been a great fascination for travelers. In any case, as much as you can enjoy the city's one of cultural heritage, mysterious beaches, natural attractions,
and charming cafes, you don't need to spend a fortune to have a great time! merapi-2330841_640 Luxury hotels in Yogyakarta

In case you're searching for something more upscale than small hotels, yet keep to an agreeable spending plan, there are a lot of great luxury hotels in Yogyakarta where you can go for the best of royalty and luxury treatment for under USD 83 per night!

While Jogja's temperature remains around a similar throughout the entire year, you should need to stay away from the stormy season around December and March. Along these lines, you'll have the capacity to appreciate visiting all the cultural sites and natural attractions superbly. (The best time to travel would be amid the dry season between July and September!) 

Also, take note that the long month of Suro (first month of the Lunar Calendar) is when places, where people worship, perform yearly ceremonies – something you probably won't want to miss when coming to Jogja!

A portion of Yogyakarta's best luxury hotels grasps the genuine soul of the heritage city. Such hotels are historical milestones themselves and regularly showing off the city's architectural legacy. They likewise frequently include stylistic interior decorations that behold back to its great past. Venture outside of these mainstream hotels in Yogyakarta, and you'll locate an extraordinary blend of old and new, with columns of traditional batik shops set close by present-day shopping centers. Yogyakarta is an exciting city and offers a lot to find. Plan your stay in Yogya with these excellent selections of luxury hotels:

1. Grand Aston Yogyakarta

This hotel is a five-star hotel in Yogyakarta. The hotel was as of late restored. The new style is an elegant blend of the traditional mixed with modern design. There is an aggregate of 141 rooms at the hotel with six room types (Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Western Suite, Majapahit Suite, Javanese Suite, and Chinoseries Suite). A portion of the rooms is enriched in a cutting edge Javanese style while others are finished in an advanced Western style. Some of the facilities at the hotel include a rooftop bar and eatery, pool, fitness center, and spa. 

Grand Aston Yogyakarta offers you the incredible joy and service while remaining in Yogyakarta. Grand Aston Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center is a non-smoking hotel, smoking just allowed in outside.

The cost of spending a night at the Grand Aston Hotel starts from $60 depending on the room type you select. 

2. Sheraton hotel Yogyakarta

The Sheraton hotel Yogyakarta is the nearest five-star hotel to Yogyakarta Airport. It is the most helpful alternative if you have an early flight. The Sheraton hotel contains about 110 rooms with four room types (Garden View Room, Volcano View Room, Club Room, and Lagoon Access Room). The inside design is a present day with Javanese impacts. Facilitates at the hotel are a fitness center, pool, tennis courts, sauna a spa. 

A night at the Sheraton hotel Yogyakarta costs $61 and above, depending on the suite you're taking. 

3. Jambuluwuk hotel Yogyakarta

The Jambuluwuk hotel Yogyakarta is found near the well known Malioboro shopping road. Jambuluwuk hotel has 144 rooms, with five room types (Deluxe Double or Twin Room, Deluxe Premier Room, Superior Double or Twin Room, Junior Suite and Gajah Madah Suite). The rooms are big and adorned in a cutting edge style. Facilities at the hotel include a spa, a pool (not by any stretch of the imagination for swimming), fitness center, café, and an eatery. 

Starting from $40, you can get to stay at the Jambuluwuk hotel in Yogyakarta. 

4. Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta

sunbeds-2439951_640 Luxury hotels in YogyakartaThe Yogyakarta Phoenix Hotel is one of the most loved 5-star hotels in Yogyakarta. The hotel goes back to the colonial era. The inside embellishment is a combination of customary Javanese and established European style. Rooms are richly outfitted, and the suites have a different family room. The hotel is strategically placed close to the tourists' destinations in the city. Sine of the hotel facilities include a fitness center, pool,  spa, eatery, and a wine bar and the morning meal is astonishing. All factors that consolidate to make this the best 5 Star Hotel in Yogyakarta.

A night at the Phoenix hotel in Yogyakarta starts from $78.

5. Royal Ambarrukmo hotel Yogyakarta from $88 

This hotel is a standout amongst the most well known five-star hotels in Yogyakarta. The hotel is joined to the Plaza Ambarrukmo (an extravagance Mall) and near Museum Ambarrukmo (concentrated on Javanese history and culture, this is a standout amongst the best historical centers in Yogyakarta). The Royal Ambarrukmo offers five room types (Deluxe Double or Twin Room, Premier Double or Twin Room, Junior Suite, Amburrukmo Club Room, and Deluxe Merapi Room). The rooms are elegantly finished in a cutting edge style with Javanese contacts. Some facilities at the hotel include the following; a fitness center, an eatery, spa, and sauna. 

Spending a night at Royal Ambarrukmo hotel in Yogyakarta costs $88 and above depending on the room type you choose to pay for. 

6. Eastparc hotel Yogyakarta 

The Eastparc is one of the most current five-star hotels in Yogyakarta. Eastparc hotel is located in the east of the city, a 10-minute drive from the airport. It has four room types (Deluxe Twin Room, Deluxe Room, Premier Double Room, and Premier Twin Room). The rooms are for the most part elegantly enriched in an advanced style. Favorite present here are; a fitness center, pool, spa, and an eatery. Eastparc additionally offers a free transport service to and from the airport. 

A night at the Eastparc hotel in Yogyakarta starts from $53.

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