Main tourist spots in Ibiza, Spain

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Main tourist spots in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a Balearic Island of Spain. Ibiza is

mainly famous for its exciting nightlife and nightclubs. There are also villages, spas, beaches etc.

  • Dalt Vila UNESCO Site. This place was built by Charles V in the 16th century. This place is the most ancient and highest place of Ibiza. It contains structures from renaissance period.
  • Ibiza Cathedral. This is a beautiful and peaceful place to explore. Besides a cathedral, it has also got many boutiques, bakeries and various other shops all from the local people of Ibiza.
  • Playa d'en Bossa. This place is a perfect place for a beach party. Every now and then you will see DJs performing for someone's party and youths enjoying.
  • San Antonio. This is the Ibiza’s second largest town. It is situated in the western part of Ibiza and used to be infamous in the late 80’s.
  • Talamanca. If you do not want a beach party and are looking for a quieter beach experience, then this beach is the perfect place for that. You can relax, swim and sunbath here. On the side of the road, there are many small places to eat various delicacies of Ibiza.
  • Santa Eulalia. This is an absolute family resort, 15 km away from Ibiza. They have their private beach where tourists can enjoy the golden sand and the blue water.
  • Punta d'es Moscarter. It is a small island with a lighthouse on top of it.
  • Cala Comte. This place is one of the top-rated islands of Ibiza because of it rocky edges and turquoise coloured water.
  • The island of Es Vedra. This place is completely uninhabited and is preserved as a natural park. It has got many wildlife creatures as well.
  • Spas. If you are visiting Ibiza, then you have to experience at least one of the many exotic spa treatments of Ibiza.

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