Malta Travel Guide

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Malta Travel Guide Malta is one of the smallest countries consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Though it is smaller in size, it is bigger in the frame. In this beautiful island, you will find cool cafes, spectacular architectures, buzzing nightclub, alluring beaches and many more which will make your trip unforgettable. Things you will find in this travel guide:

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  • How to Get There?
  • Getting Around
  • Accommodation
  • Malta Destination
  • Popular Beaches
  • Traditional Food
  • Activities in Malta
  • Nightlife in Malta

How do you get there?


Flying to Malta is quite easy. It will take you only three hours to get there from UK airports.
British Airways has a regular flight for going to Malta. Usually, British Airways flies to Malta from Gatwick. EasyJet is also available to go to Malta. It flies from Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle, and Belfast.

If you are flying from the USA, you have to choose a transatlantic carrier to fly to Europe. You can choose from Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines, US Airways etc. Then you need to connect with an Air Malta flight to get to Malta. You can take a flight of British Airways which often flies from Gatwick.
There is only one international airport at Malta which is no more than one hour by car from anywhere on the main island.


If you are willing to make your Malta tour more exciting, then you that there is a ferry available from Sicily to Malta that docks at the Valletta Waterfront.
The Valletta Waterfront is basically a promenade which is located in Floriana, Malta. If you want to get an adventurous feeling throughout this journey, it is recommended to visit Malta by using Ferry. It will add an extra dimension to your Malta visit.

Getting around in Malta:

Driving yourself:

Like many other touristic places, you can hire a car from Malta International Airport. There are some places where this facility is available. They are Sliema and Bugibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay. Driving in Malta is a bit different from other places as you have to drive from the left-hand side. The people of Malta don’t abide by the traffic rules that much. So, if you are an experienced and confident driver, only then hire a car to drive by yourself.

Public transportation:

There is only one public transport system available in Malta and that is the bus. No metro or railway services are available out there. The bus routes are operated by Malta Public transport. This is pretty handy as you can go anywhere in Malta and Gozo between 5:30 AM to 11 PM by using this service. Night services are only available on Friday and Saturday nights.malta 2 malta 1

You can set your bus trips by using the website of Malta Public Transport. All you need to do is to specify your point of destination as well as departure and you will get all route options available to you.
Besides, you can take help from Google Maps to see the name of the bus stops. You can also download a bus route map from Malta public transport’s website.

There is also an Android app and iOS app available by which you can navigate easily in Malta.

Single tickets will cost you around 2 Euro and you can purchase those on the bus. The validity of this type of ticket is for two hours. You will be penalized with 10 Euro if you are caught traveling without a ticket.

There are three types of travel cards available specially designed for visitors to make the traveling easy. It is highly recommended to purchase one of these cards.

The ExplorePlus travel card gives you 7 days of unlimited travel on public transport whereas the 12 Single Day Journeys card reduces fares for 12 of your journeys.

The price of the ExplorePlus travel card is Thirty-Nine Euro whilst you have to pay 15 Euro to get a 12 Single Day Journeys Card.

There is another card namely Valletta card which will facilitate your journey to and from Valletta from any location in Malta. You are permitted to use a ferry from Sliema Cospicua using this card. With the help of this card, you can visit Valetta wherever you want in a day. This card will cost you around 19 Euro.

Analyzing every aspect, it would be wiser to purchase the ExplorePlus travel card if you are being in Malta for more than 3 days. You can also download a bus route map from Malta public transport’s website.


When it's about accommodation in Malta, there is a wide range of hotels. You can either stay in an international branded hotel or even choose a boutique hotel. The choice is completely yours. The hotels inside Valletta city are high-end ones. However, if you wish to stay outside of Valletta then hotels are cost friendly.

Here are some of the hotels that you can try out on your trip to Malta.

Grand Hotel Excelsior
This is a 5-star hotel with all modern amenities. This hotel in Malta is just 2 minutes away from Valletta. Grand Hotel Excelsior is located in a prime location which allows you to easily access all the tourist spots of Maltese island. The average price for a per night stay in this hotel is 115 Euros.
Address: Great Siege Road, Valletta, Island of Malta 1810, Malta

Cavalieri Hotel

If you want a waterfront location to stay in Malta, then try out Cavalieri hotel. It is a 4-star hotel located in St. Julian’s. There are 258 bedrooms in this hotel and all are air-conditioned. You will be having all the desired modern amenities. The average price for a per night stay in this hotel is 65 Euros.
Address: Spinola Road, St, Julian’s, STJ 3019, Malta

Bayview Hotel

If you are aiming for a low budget hotel, then nothing can compete Bayview Hotel. It is a 3-star hotel and has 87 modern decorated twin rooms. Junior suites are even available. Not only these, but the hotel is also well equipped with other services and well-behaved staffs. You will have to spend 35 Euros for per night stay in this hotel.
Address: 143 The Strand, Gzira, GZR 03, Malta.

Malta Destination

Malta is a treasure box for any traveler. There are walled cities in one corner of Malta and on the other side you will find clumsy green villages. There are bustling fishing seaports and there are urban living with nightlife, club, cafes, and restaurants. There are places in this small nation where you will lose track of time.

Here are some specular destinations worth visiting in Malta


It is the capital city of Malta and most important seaport. This incredible city is evidence of the glory of the Knights of Malta. They created this city worthy of the status that other European countries hold. When you are in Valletta, start your journey at St John’s Co-Cathedral. It is a 16th-century church. The beauty of the interiors will surely be a surprise for you.

Historical Attractions in Rabat, Island of Maltamalta malta 1

It is a place where you can see two cities at the same time. Mdina and Rabat are considered as one urban area. One of the beauty spots here is Casa Bernard. It is a 16th-century grand palazzo that belongs to the noble Maltese family. You can even visit Roman Villa which is an archeological site. It is even called Domus Romana. Lastly, don’t forget to pay a visit to Parish Church of Saint Paul. This is a 17th century Baroque Church.

The Seaside Charm of Mellieha

Mellieha is the most popular destination among tourists. It is a beautiful countryside of northwest Malta. The Popeye village in Mellieha is a picturesque place and even loved by kids because of its name. This place is even known as a “European destination of excellence” and the village was established in 1436. When you are in Mellieha, do not forget to visit the Parish Church of Our Lady of Victory and the Ghadira Nature Reserve.

Popular Beaches

Malta is a place where you will find beaches everywhere and it is said that Malta has beaches of everyone. If you want to escape from the chaotic surroundings, then there are rocky shores and beaches for you as well. No matter what you are in, Malta has a variety of beaches for your every mood.

These are some popular beaches you should visit:

Mellieħa Bay

Mellieha Bay is the largest and one of the scenic beaches in Malta. This is a popular sandy beach that you will find in the northern part of the island. This beach is located in the town of Mellieha. It is one of the family-friendly beaches that you will find in Malta. Starting from windsurfing, kite surfing to water surfing, there are endless activities that you can enjoy here. The Mellieha Bay is ideal for children as it does not have underwater currents. This beach has acquired the status of “Beach of Quality”.

Gnejna Bay

Gnejna bay is in the northwest of Malta and a very popular beach among divers and swimmers. It is the third sandy beach in the list of beaches. It is mostly the crystal clear and unspoiled water that attracts the traveler towards it. If you feel tired after swimming then, you can rest on the limestone rocks which are to the right of this sandy beach. This beach is perfect for sunbathing as well.

San Blas Bay
San Blas Bay is a small and tranquil beach in Malta. This beautiful beach in on Gozo’s northwest coast. the uniqueness of this beach is the red-orange sand. This beach is less crowded because of the steep road that leads to it. Because of this reason, visitors have to walk a long distance. This beach is a perfect place to have a picnic as it is a family friendly beach.


Traditional Food

The traditional Maltese foods are very simple, rural and it also depends upon the season. Lampuki pie or fish pie is the common item that people of Malta love eating. Rabbit stew, bragioli, kapunata are some of the other traditional dishes. 

Here are some of the restaurants you should try out

Café Cordina

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Malta. This restaurant serves all the local food that you desire to eat. But don’t be disheartened as it even serves items beside the Maltese cuisine. The price in the menu starts at 5 euros.
Address: 244 Republic Street, Vallette, Malta

Valletta Waterfront

If you are in search of a romantic place to have your dinner, then this is the perfect restaurant. This is an elegant restaurant near the sea. You and your partner can enjoy the food along with the scenic view of boats and ships passing by. The price in the menu start from 10 euros
Address: Vault 1, Valletta Waterfront, Valletta, Malta.

Bristo 516

It’s a restaurant where you can have your lunch and supper. It offers different types of food, such as Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean and many more. This the only restaurant in Malta where you will find gluten-free pasta. The price in the menu starts at 4 euros.
Address: The vault 5, Valletta Waterfront, Furjana, Malta


Activities in Malta

Golden Bay Horse Riding
Horse riding is one of the leisure activity that you can do when you are in Malta. This activity is for both beginners and advanced horse riders. Therefore, definitely try out this when you are in Malta.

Segway Tours
Malta Segway tour is one of the most popular activities for the tourists. They offer you tours around different places. On the other hand, you have the option of going on a group as well as private tours. The tour is 2 hours long and it costs 49 Euros.

This activity excels the others. Here all you need to do is rent a boat and have a serene journey around the Maltese islands. Boatcare has a variety of rental board options, such as motorboats, catamarans and sailing yachts. This boatcare should obviously be your first choice.malta 4 ok

Nightlife in Malta

Malta is well known for their beautiful beaches, sunny sky, and dramatic history but don't be disheartened as there are some fabulous nightlife spots to enjoy on this island. Malta is one of those popular countries that have a vast variety of nightclubs, pubs, and bars. This small country is not just a beautiful land but even a good nightlife destination.
Here are our picks of some pubs and bars that you must try

Saddles is a very popular and a local bar to hit start your evening partying. This place is always crowded because of its small premises. But this won’t spoil your fun as you will be entertained with great music. You can even play table soccer and watch sports on a large screen. The cost of a pint of local beer is 3.40 Euros.
Address: 132 Main Street, Spinola Bay, St. Julian’s, Malta

The Scotsman Pub
As the name implies it is a Scottish pub. They have a huge variety of food and drinks. The best part of this pub is the fast service. This pub will entertain you with karaoke and a large screen to watch live sports. The cost of one shooter is 2.00 Euros.
Address: St. George’s Road, Paceville, Malta

Native Bar
It is known as the best Latino bars in Malta. This bar is located in the heart of Paceville and offers a great variety of drinks and foods during the happy hours from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm. The price of the cocktails are 5.50 Euros and the cost of shooters are 2.50 Euros.
Address: Paceville Main Street, Triq Santa Rita, St. Julian’s, Malta

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