Beautiful Places in UK

Most beautiful places in the UK

We all know that the UK is full of diversity with enough history to throw a stick at.  All across the globe, it’s filled to the brim with some of the best places to visit in the UK. However, the UK is unique and much more than just other cities. If you have a plan to visit UK, Here we have picked up some Cheap Hotel in London, UK for you.

It is fascinating to know that there are thousands of miracle places to visit. From cosy villages to serene beaches, it is full of amazing places. If you are making plans to visit the United Kingdom, this guide will help you a lot. We are here to tell some of the best places in the UK to visit all time. so let’s start:

Most Beautiful Places In UK

1.Lake District

The Lake District is known as the UK’s newest UNESCO protected site. As the name indicates, the Lake District is filled with tranquil lakes, beautiful mountain ranges as well as a whole heap of tiny villages to explore.

Moreover, the area also includes the highest mountain pass in the country, and Kirkstone is a beautiful drive or cycle.


Lake District


The incredible views allow you to hikes to be had. The Kirkstone Pass Inn is an old coaching house dating back to the fifteenth century. Moreover, it is a great base for exploring the area.

It is interesting to know that each lake has a slightly different character that’s unique. The most famous Lake in Windermere Lake.

If you want to enjoy alone and want to avoid the crowds, you can pop over to Ullswater Lake.  Lake District allows you to spend some quality time with family or friends every season.


2.Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle is known as of the oldest settlements in England and people have lived here for over 8,000 years. This place is a total throwback and it feels like you’ve stepped back 1,000 years to an old English word.


Corfe Castle


You do feel like that. Just take a stroll through the castle of Corfe and enjoy wandering all the little boutiques and grabbing a yummy Sunday roast at Mortons House Restaurant.


3.Bath, Somerset

It is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. With its elegant Georgian architecture, the famous crescent set on a hill overlooking the Royal Victoria Park.


Bath, Somerset


The scenario has enchanted many visitors and the city sees over two million tourists per year. If you are looking for the perfect way to unwind after all that sightseeing, there is nothing best to visit the Thermae Bath Spa to soak in some of the naturally warm water that bubbles beneath England.


4.The South Downs National Park, Sussex

The South Downs National park has 1600 square kilometers of incredible views. W can also say that it is the countryside that is most incredible.


National Park


However, there is perhaps nothing more striking than the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters rising out of the deep blue ocean. The South Downs National Park is the best place to get rid of all

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxieties


5.Salcombe, Devon

Salcombe describes itself as Devon’s sailing capital. This town is tucked away on the southern coast of Devon. The place is known as the best destination to spend vacations in Uk.


Salcombe, Devon


Along with this, the harbor town also features the sandy beaches, traditional seafood snacks as well as turquoise waters.

It is fascinating to know that there’s no better way to see the colorful seafront than from the open blue waters of the English Channel.


6.Kimmeridge Bay

Here is the best chance to see the views over the ocean, or maybe the millions of years of history that lay immortalized as fossils in the cliffs as well as a stretch of the Jurassic Coast.


Kimmeridge Bay


If you can bag yourself a stay at the Landmark Trust’s Clavell Tower you will have the best view over the bay. The place allows you to enjoy the best time of your life along with family and friends.


7.Hampstead Heath, London

As we moved to London from the countryside, there is the capital that is an obvious choice for the tourist to enjoy the best time of your vacations.  Many people particularly get her vote, as it’s probably the only place in central London where the families truly feel like you could be a hundred miles away.

Hampstead Heath


Moreover, the Spaniards Inn pub at the northern edge is considered as one of London’s best dating back to 1585. However, both Keats and Dickens allegedly used to drink here.


8.Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is a historic fishing village, staggered down a steep hill to the sea. It’s a haven for smugglers. Moreover, it’s hard to beat eating fish and chips by the sea here, overlooking England’s dinosaur coast. The place allows you to enjoy your vacations with full calm and peaceful environment.


Robin Hood Bay

9.West Cornwall

It is fascinating to understand why West Cornwall is on our travel list. However, before Poldark started brooding on cliff tops, the travelers were heading to Cornwall’s stunning western reaches.


West Cornwall


However, the list of its merits is quite impressive with renowned surf, dramatic cliffs as well as ancient fishing villages.

Some of the most attractive spots include Minack, along with its open-air theatre carved out of the cliff face, as well as Botallack, ruined tin mines perched precariously above a raging sea.



You will be amazed to know that Dartmouth in Devon picked by the tops tourist list. according to the reporter, it was claimed that standing on the coastal walkway in Dartmouth looking out over the River Dart.




Also watching the old steam train is pulled into Kingswear along with the many different-colored boats moored in the harbor. Moreover, it will always reminds of childhood holidays, it’s beautiful.



It is interesting to know that Bristol is considered as one of those cities that surprised me. There are beautiful landscapes ever visit Bristol was a little disappointing.




People just think that they hadn’t found many tribes of things.  Moreover, it was determined to give Bristol another shot, armed with much more info on the kind of stoves.

You will fall in love with the city straight away and it’s up there with the best places to visit in England.


12.Stonehenge, Wiltshire

It is one of the most prehistoric structures in all of the UK, Stonehenge dates back to c. 3000 BC. The tourists amazed the ring of stones has puzzled scientists and archaeologists, and no one still knows what it was used for. Moreover, this limestone arch is over 400 feet tall and is privately owned, though it’s still open to visitors.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire


13.Micheldever Forest

From late April to early May, there is a  multitude of dainty bluebells that covers the floor of the Micheldever Forest in a “purple carpet.” The place is just one of the several places across the UK where these flowers bloom each spring. The visitors can also find bluebells at the Blickling Estate in Norfolk, Buckland, Devon as well as Dunham Massey.


Micheldever Forest


14.Cheddar Gorge

The place is located near Bath and the village of Cheddar with the magnificent natural setting of Cheddar Gorge. The limestone cliffs were created by Ice Age meltwaters, and are the perfect spot for a long walk. Furthermore, you can also explore its fascinating prehistoric findings from the Stone Age occupation.


Cheddar Gorge