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Most Interesting Places In The UK
There are a number of places that you can visit, explore and enjoy once you are in UK. A few of these are given below.
This is a port city. It is on the River Clyde. It is located in the western Lowlands in Scotland. Once here, you can enjoy the Victorian and the Art Nouveau architecture. This was a prosperous city from the 18th to the 20th century as trade and shipbuilding flourished here. You would be able to see the same through the architecture of that era here.
It is the cultural hub today. The Scottish Opera and The Scottish Ballet is located here. Next is the National Theatre of Scotland. In addition are a large number of museums besides a thriving

music environment.

Visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum when you are here. Also go to the Burrell Collection in Pollock Country Park. Here you will see all the art as well as antiquities that have been gifted to this city. Visit the Clyde Waterfront. This houses the Glasgow Science Centre.
It is an interactive place that you can visit with your entire family and enjoy. It has a planetarium, IMAX theatre and cafes too. In fact, you can easily spend an entire day here!

Glasgow Botanic Gardens is an acclaimed 27-acre park. There are plants and a working vegetable plot here. Besides, it has a Victorian cast-iron glasshouse too. It is usually not very crowded; hence you would be able to roam around peacefully here as you enjoy all the exhibits.cambridge 50 off
This city is located in Eastern England. It is located on the River Cam.
It is known the world over for its prestigious university that dates back to 1209. It has the famed King’s college that is known for its choir and its towering Gothic chapel. Next is Trinity which was founded by Henry VIII. The University museums have artifacts on archaeology, zoology, anthropology, science, polar exploration and so on.
Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum. It is a huge showcase of classical art as well as artifacts. These range from Asian ceramics to coins and paintings and even armour.
Visit the Backs. This is basically a chapel and garden. It is a picturesque area that is located to the east of Queen's Road. This is where a number of colleges of the University of Cambridge are located.
Anglesey Abbey is a Jacobean-style house. It has a watermill that is still working. It is a mansion and historic building that is filled with art. It is located in 98 acres of landscaped grounds that are filled with statuary.
Visit the Church of St Mary the Great. It is a historic place of worship. Enjoy the tower views here. It was built in the late 15th century. The church offers panoramic vistas over the famed colleges of the city, from its tower.
Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences provides displays of geology as well as biology, some of which were donated by Charles Darwin.