Attraction in Gran Canaria

Best Places of Attraction in Gran Canaria

Attraction in Gran Canaria

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  • Main places of attraction in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the most famous tourist spots in Spain. It is a canary island and 9th most populated European island. The main attractions of Gran Canaria are:

Las Canteras beach

where you can do surfing and snorkelling. There is a botanic park called Palmitos Park.

  • There is historical museum containing many discoveries form Christopher Columbus.There is another beach called Playa de Amadores for sunbathing and swimming.
  • There is another ancient historical museum called El Museo Canario containing information and artefacts of ancient Gran Canaria.Gran Canaria has an ancient lighthouse.
  • There is one painted cave as an archaeological museum and amusement park.


Las Canteras beach


Gran Canaria has many other beaches viz. Playa de Maspalomas and Playa de Mogan.There is Parque Tony Gallardo Park for beautiful scenes.Gran Canaria has Roque Nublo for hiking, mountaineering and beautiful scenery.

Bandama Caldera of Gran Canaria provides you with sightseeing of their famous volcano along with various wine shops and panoramic view.

Holiday world Maspalomas is the ultimate amusement park of Gran Canaria with various exciting rides.Gran Canaria has some more exciting spots to offers which you can explore while roaming.

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Recommended hotels in Gran Canaria, Spain by hotel4u:

The best hotel booking sites suggest the following hotels for a satisfying stay:

  1. Hotel Faycan in Las Palmas. They have sea facing rooms with great ratings.
  2. Exe Las Canteras in Las Palmas.
  3. Monte Carrera Little Mermaid.
  4. Hotel Alisios Canteras.
  5. Gloria Palace Royal Hotel and Spa.
  6. Hotel Reina Isabel.

Following are some hotels with low price and great facilities, suggested by hotel4u:

  1. CIW Hotel.
  2. Elmundostel.
  3. El Pirata.
  4. La Hoyilla Hotel.
  5. Casa Senator Oliveras.
  6. Attico sunrise.

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