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This year also the Christmas Eve will kick off with all sort of surprising and wonderful events, entertainments and festivities. Along with the famous Christmas festival, another festival is also celebrated worldwide which is the New Year. To enjoy these festivals many of the families and friends fix their mind to enjoy it in beautiful surroundings.

But their plan gets slow down or flopped due to unavailability of hotels in such environment. Since it is a peak season many of them rush to book hotels in all reputed tourist hotels. So start looking for the trip and the place to go? Hotels4u offered the top selection of the best spots to spend your Christmas in the winter season. This Hotels4u will definitely do not disappoint your festival planning.

By my experience, I powerfully suggest the best place St. Petersburg in Russia. This is one of the top best enjoyable places during December. And it is a perfect month in St. Petersburg since it is winter season where one can enjoy the beautiful snow fall along with blooming floras. This place makes your trip even more special to spend your holidays in this largest city with great beaches, famous old churches, museums and sea shore resorts.

So to fulfil your celebrating dream visit Hotels4u, this is one of the top 10 best hotels booking sites.

Historic traditional places:

St. Isaac's Cathedral, the life's work of French architect Auguste de Montferrand and the city’s largest and most spectacular religious building. The special thing here is the golden dome. During Christmas season they decorate the church dome in way that the visitor cannot take their eye from it.

Church of Saviour is part of the church's charm, in that it serves to constantly remind the visitor to St. Petersburg that, despite the Italianate elegance of most of the "Golden Triangle". It is famous for its architecture and the paintings made on the walls.

Hermitage is famous for winter season. Undoubtedly it is the most tourist attracted place in St. Petersburg. It is famous for its art gallery. None of the visitors should forgive to visit this historic mind-blowing place.

Nevsky Prospekt, it is called as singer building and during special festivals such as Christmas, New Year numerous instruments are played in all rhythms at this place. It’s actually one of the special romantic places for couples as well as for the families.


Laskovy beach is gem of St. Petersburg ’s coastline and is packed with sunbathers on hot summer days. But it is also a popular picnic spot especially during winter season.

Repino is a sculpture beach where you can see many of the stone sculptures of beautiful mermaid sculpting. It looks as if real one.

Zelenogorsk is the last major settlement within St. Petersburg city limits. One can refresh and make mind free by just hearing the musical rhythm of waves that occur in this sea during night.

Blagoveshchenskaya, is famous for kite surfing and wind surfing. Many of the family members along with their children can enjoy these beaches for playing.

Hotel booking site Hotels4u will always prefer to book the rooms in reputed hotel with a view of either beaches or with wonderful scenery behind or surrounding the hotel

Hotels and resorts

Hotel Lion palace is an amazing resort in St. Petersburg, it most attractive hotel among all other hotels. The most special thing about this resort is that it is suitable for all four seasons. For all types of tourists it is suitable to enjoy their holiday trip. They treat the guests in a friendly manner. This resort will fulfil all your needs. Since it has good view of beach pleasant atmosphere will be maintained at any time. So don’t miss this hotel give a single click at Hotels4u book your rooms here and make your trip as memorable one.

Kempinski Hotel Moika, it is a 4 stared hotel. It is little bit costly but it will give you a worth full environment. It has open dining restaurant in the terrace which is the most enjoying place. Here dining is accompanied with dancing with each other. Most playful hotel one never stops laughing unless they step out of this hotel. To make you smart by laughing start booking rooms in this hotel via Hotels4u.

Lotte is a pleasant hotel with Lake Surroundings. This is again a luxurious hotel among all others with modern swimming pool, place to play, decorative foods with reasonable cost and ensured with restaurant containing all kinds of dishes. During evening hours many events will occur, the guests definitely enjoy those events by participating in it. Make your Christmas plan little crispier by visiting Hotels4u website.

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