Weekend in Prague

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Additional Info
  • CURRENCY: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Airport: Vaclav Havel Airport
  • Budget Hotels: From - 15$
  • Get Around: Metro
  • Budget Meal Price: From - 15$
  • Must-see: Prague Castle
  • Nightlife: U PINKASU

The music lover from all over the world can enjoy the fantastic music in the Prague. Moreover, Prague is known for both classical music and rock music. Prague alone has more than thirty bridges, and footbridges and the water gently lap the edges of ten islands. Also, Prague has the

beautiful cafe where everything is done in the classic style. Prague castle is the largest castle complex in the world. Also, it is very ancient. The architecture of the castle is breathtaking. When you want to spend Weekend in Prague, you can search the hotels using hotels4u.

Moreover, this is the best site where you can book the lavish hotels and can stay in this beautiful place with your friends and family. Also, all the hotels provided free Wi-Fi facilities for their guests. The architecture of the hotels is very unusual. Also, the hotels offer a lobby bar and a restaurant serving Czech and international cuisine. All the rooms of the hotel are beautifully designed. The room has a flat screen TV, with a private bathroom with shower and a sitting area.

Prague also has the historic gardens and parks which are very amazing. Each of the gardens has their unique style. Moreover, Prague offers many exciting activities for the families and the children.

Most amazing facilities

There are free Wi-Fi services for the guests. Also, there are free parking facilities.
The hotel has an amazing bar and the restaurant for the guests.


The bedrooms are designed beautifully with bathroom and toilet.

Also, there are independent toilet facilities for the guests.

Outdoor facilities

Guests can enjoy the outdoor facilities. Also, there are BBQ Facilities for the guests.

Many visitors also come with their pets. Also, pets are also allowed. There are fantastic facilities for the pets.

There are the variety of activities where the guests can enjoy. The outdoor activities consist of the water park, bowling cycling, and hiking.

Also, there are kids outdoor play equipment is there where the child can enjoy their day.

Food and drinks

There is always a great special diet meal for the guests.

Also, there is the restaurant for the guests where they enjoy their favourite meal.

Bar facilities are also available.

There is always a proper cleaning in the room. All the staff is very much caring towards the guests.

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