Spring Trips In The United States

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  • Airport: USA
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  • Must-see: Myrtle Beach

Visit Our Capital, Washington DC

Spring time has brought the thaw to the capital of the United States. While the temperatures might vary between 50 and 70 degrees, you avoid the heat of summer time while not having bad weather. The cherry blossoms have started to bloom and the area is truly beautiful.

Besides the trees, there is plenty more to see in the area. That includes the capitol building itself. Monuments and museums can also be explored. DC is great if you are looking to be busy and moving during your trip.

Go To Coachella Valley, CA Without Coachella

Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the United States 2 Spring USthat being said, it is also the name of the valley that the festival happens in. That valley is a gem during spring time, with flowers starting to bloom and many things to see. You will find this a better time to visit Coachella because you avoid some of the crowds from school and some of the summer vacationers.

Explore Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Great Smoky National Park may not be the first national park that you think of but it is a beautiful piece of landscape. With miles of trails and wildlife to see, you could spend weeks doing just that alone. But there is more, Great Smoky Mountain is also home to the Dollywood theme park and water park, full of attractions.

Many of the things that you can do in Great Smoky Mountain will save you money compared to other spring vacation ideas. A great way to have an enjoyable experience on a budget.

Walk Myrtle Beach And Take A Boat

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the United States. But it doesn’t start getting busy until closer to summer. Take springtime to bypass the crowds and lines. There is a wonderful boardwalk that you can catch some sights on and explore shops.Don’t forget the aquarium with shark tanks or any of the many charter fishing boats.

Experience All That Is New York City

You will find that spring is a great time to visit the Big Apple as temperatures have started to rise and it is easy to get around. Spring means you are also beating the heat of a NYC summer. With mild weather it makes walking the streets of NYC easier and more enjoyable. Try a tour through Central Park or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

There is also the number of spring activities such as the Cherry Blossom Festival, Macy’s Flower Show, the Orchid Show, the Frieze Art Fair, and the Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

Travel The Oregon Coast

If you are more into road trips, the Oregon Coast1 Spring US is a wonderful place to go in spring time. As you drive down the 101 you will be greeted by scenic views and even wildlife. Make sure to pay attention to the water as the gray whales are making their yearly migration in this area t spring and are a must see. A number of outcroppings along Highway 101 make great viewing points.

Not to mention that Oregon has a great reputation for beer, cider and wine from local makers.

See All Vermont Has To Offer

Those wanting to travel somewhere a little less busy will find that Vermont is a great destination. During spring there is so many things to see and do, such as spend time at Smugglers Notch, a resort with numerous activities. Hiking, camping, and other kinds of outdoor activities are also popular in the Vermont spring.

It only takes three or so hours to drive from the top of Vermont down to the bottom, meaning that in one vacation you can get quite a variety of scenery and activities.

Spring is a wonderful time to take a trip to just about anywhere in the United States. That being said, these items on this list are some of the most enjoyable. Which trip are you going to take? Do you have one to add to the list?


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