French Riviera

Places to Visit In French Riviera

French Riviera – Côte d’Azur

The Mediterranean

Coast of southeastern France is a beautiful holiday destination with lots to do and much to cherish. Situated between the Mediterranean and the Southern alps, this land is one of contrasts, as it is so often called.

The French Riviera is more popularly known as Côte d’Azur which translates to “Coast of Blue”. This name refers to the deep azure-blue colour of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Paradise French Riviera – Côte d’Azur

When to visit?

Coming first, to the best time to visit the French Riviera. Well, the place is surrounded with beaches, some of them are pretty famous as you will discover in the upcoming topics.

So, the midsummer, ideally July and August, is the best possible time to enjoy the beaches, coastal areas and water sports.

However, not everyone may be interested in beaches, and don’t worry, Côte d’Azur has got you covered as well.

You must have heard of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival? Well, if you’re interested in the festival, May is the time for you.

Besides, a lot of varying events are always taking place in Monaco. The Formula One Grand Prix attracts a lot of motorsports fans around the world. Jazz a’Juan is an event for the jazz fans all around the world.

Where to visit?

Well, you guessed it. Since, this is a holiday destination, there are a lot of things to do and see here.

We will discuss, under this section, some of the best and popular things to do.


Places to Visit


1. Monaco

The sovereign city-state is most well-known because of the yacht races and the unfathomably comforting scenery.

The city has the Mediterranean Sea on its one side and is surrounded by the country of France on 3 other sides. Monaco’s cultural impact on the France is immense.

You might want to catch the Grand Prix if you are interested in visiting Monaco, as mentioned earlier.

Besides, the geometric and symmetric design of the buildings and architectural grandure of Monaco of apartments from Marina and the Palais des Princes is pleasing to the eyes.

2. Monte Carlo

It is probably the most beautiful place in the area. It is home to some of the best architecture the world has ever seen.

You must have seen the Monte Carlo Casino featured in a lot of movies, including James Bond and Oceans twelve. It is a notable place to go and take a look.

2. Cannes

I don’t think it is impossible that you have never heard of this place, thanks to the famous Cannes Film Festival that exists.

This place is very likely to be filled with tourists, and possibly celebrities too if you visit at the time of the festival.

Well, if you are hear, you cannot miss the La Croisette. It is the city’s elegant main street and some of the most renowned beaches in Cannes are found located right off La Croisette. Most of these beaches are private.

They are sophisticated and upscale. However, there are some municipality beaches that offer access at a nominal cost (like the Mace Beach and Zamenhof Beach).

3. Nice

Nice is considered the resort town here. It has a beautiful seaside location, pleasant weather and the beautiful Mediterranean climate.

The street of Promenade des Anglais is a famous pedestrian street in Nice. This place consists of various opulent buildings such as the theater Palais de la Méditerranée and the exquisite Villa Massena.

Musée Marc is one of those painters who fell in love with matchless colours of south France, and most probably the most important one.

You can catch his works at the Musée Marc Chagall. He spent a major portion of his life supervising the incredible museum with beautiful gardens.

It holds around 400 paintings and works of Chagall, including the famous Old and New Testament stories.

Popular Beaches

  1. Pointe de l’Aiguille beach in Théoule-sur-Mer

    The Lerins Island and Cannes bay offer a picturesque experience, along with the mountains in the background.

  2. Paloma Beach

    It is situated in the province of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The view of the Beaulieu bay and Eze Cliffs make the experience of the private beach a memorable one. This beach was once frequently visited by the Picasso family.

  3. Mala Beach

    Mala Beach is situated near Monaco, in the province of Cap-d’Ail. You’ll arrive there after descending 150 steps, separating the beach from the lovely Douaniers.

  4. La Salis Beach

    Situated in the province of Antibes, this public beach welcomes tourists with its view of the old fortified city.

  5. Valras Plage, near Beziers

    It is a great all-rounder when it comes to beaches. It is large enough to accommodate a large number of people without making the place crowded. There is an amusement park, and a lot of bars and restaurants on the beach, so it delivers a lot, in terms of amenities.





Where to stay?

We’re going to produce the results of hotels and resorts based on where you want to stay and the pricing and reviews of the respective hotels.

Hotels in Cannes:

Average food price for a day: Around $40
Average travel price for a day: Around $130
Average hotel charge (for a couple): Around $140

  1. Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic

    It is considered one of the best red-carpet-ready hotels in Cannes, with a considerable amount of cost. It costs $385.70 approx.

  2. JW Marriott

    The luxurious brand of hotels presents to you one of the finest in the town. The fascinating history and a prime Cannes Location make this one of the most popular stays in Cannes. It costs around $451 per night.

  3. Five Seas Hotel

    Situated almost next to the La Croisette and in the centre of Cannes, with neighbouring sea beaches, this makes the hotel one of the best places to stay in the province. The average cost is approximately $408.86.

Hotels in Nice:

Average food price for a day: Around $42
Average travel price for a day: Around $119
Average hotel charge (for a couple): Around $110

  1. Nice Pebbles:

    Providing the chic properties in the midst of the most plum areas on Nice, and having a rather affordable price tag to its name, in comparison to everything else, this makes a great place to stay. Costs include $68 dollars.

  2. Hotel Suisse

    This hotel provides one of the best sea views in Nice. It is great for exploring the Old Towns and port on its doorstep. It flaunts a price tag of $230.

  3. Hotel La Perouse

    This four-star hotel is one of the top rated in this area. Situated on a clifftop, it provides the a serene experience of the view of the Mediterranean. A night in this prestigious hotel costs $305.

Hotels in Marseille:

Average food price for a day: Around $25
Average travel price for a day: Around $110
Average hotel charge (for a couple): Around $100

  1. Alex Hotel

    The small but blissful hotel is located in the inner city. This hotel provides extravagant 5-star services at 3-star prices. The average night in this hotel is $74 per night.

  2. Hotel Dieu:

    A touch of history meets modern architecture and services here. It is an 18th century hospital restored to a new five star hotel standards. The prices are a bit more than what you might expect to find here, its $149 for one night. The bar-brasserie is still worth a look even if you do not get to stay here.

French Rivera Cheaper Than You Think

Talking of French Riviera, there are so many places that you and enjoy pocket friendly services. What do we mean by pocket friendly? It is simple, it means that there are so many places in both Eastern and Western French Riviera that are basically cheaper than any other place in the whole of France.

There are hostels, campsites, accommodation and places to eat among many other places that you can get services cheaply in Eastern French Rivera. That case, there are so many places that you can always visit while in Eastern French Rivera.

Juan-Les-Pin is one of the most popular destination among tourists and it is very popular basically because everything that you lay hand on here is relatively cheaper and every service that is being offered here is also very cheap.

Juan-Les-Pins is not a place where you will eventually feel like you are alone because there a multitude of visitors from different parts of the world.

The fact that everything is cheap in Juan-Les-Pins means that you will not spend a lot of money and remain bankrupt before your visit comes to an end.

Cheap Hostels in Juan Les Pins

Whenever we talk about hostels, there first thing that comes to mind is staying in a particular place for a relatively longer period of time.

For instance, if you are planning on visiting Juan Les Pins or have already touched down in France and locating this tourist destination site, it is crucial to be aware of the cheap or the most affordable hostels in Juan Les Pins.

What are some of the best but cheaper hostels in Juan Les Pins?

Hotel Teranga is one of the best hostel along this coastal town of Jan Les Pins. There are a number of reasons why we can conclusively say that it is the cheapest hostel and the most strategic among the hostels as well.

First, it locates just a few meters from the seashores meaning that while enjoying its cheap nature, you can also get to enjoy the serenity of the place; the breeze coming from the ocean during the summer afternoons are breathtaking.


Places to Visit


It is located just 20 KM from the Nice Cote d’Azur and with that, its location is just a short drive from the airport. Considering that it is just besides the coastline, it is a very beautiful place as well as the most strategic far from the fact that it is cheap as well.Here are also some Cheap Hotels in London you must check.

Cheap Camping Sites in Juan Les Pins

For some people, a visit is not complete without camping and with that idea in mind French Riviera is one of the best place in the world where you can enjoy camping at a cheaper price.

There are a number of places in Eastern French Riviera and Juan Les Pins is also one of the places where you can camp just by parting with a few dollars and end up enjoying a great deal of camping experience.

The Camping Panoramic is the best camping site in Juan Les Pins that you don’t need to miss basically because it is the cheapest place you can find in the whole of Eastern French Riviera.

Why is this camping site so cheap? It is not basically cheap because the quality of services are low but it is cheap just to make sure that tourists enjoy more and can always get value for the money. One will always enjoy his/her camping at the Camping Panoramic site.

Camping la Paoute is also another camping destination for the lovers of camping. It is understandable that some of s love camping outside and lighting bonfires just to get a feel of the outside environment.

Camping la Paoute is the best place to go camping and end up spending less money in Eastern French Riviera, Juan Les Pins.

Camping de l’Argentiere is also another strategic location as far as camping is concerned. Many of those who have camped here before have expressed the fact that they spend very little and enjoyed a lot of top-notch quality services by the end of their stay.

This is a camping site you need to consider basically because you will spend a relatively smaller amount of money during your stay.

The Best Cheap Restaurants in Juan Les Pins

Cheap places to eat is always the basis of ensuring that we spend off a relatively little amount of money. With that idea, cheap restaurants is what you will need to find while in Juan Lest Pins.

Cheap eats are popular among tourists and the cheap eats ranges from street restaurants to big but cheap restaurants.

There are a number of best restaurants where you can find cheap eats or foods at Juan Les Pins.
The Severine is the best restaurant for cheap it and it basically specializes and produces the best of French, American and European cuisines.

If you are a lover of greens, then this is the best place where you can get a vegetarian-friendly environment.

This is the place where you will get the best salad at an astonishing lower price. Far from the cheap eats, it is also a place where you can encounter the best and the most hospital people in the world.

The Pizza Fifi is also another cheap eat place in Juan Les Pins. It is basically known for Italian Pizza, fast food and it is vegetarian-friendly.

In fact, you are given a pizza to taste before you can order for another one. This means that you can taste first before ordering for one.

The Moonshine BBQ Restaurant is the best for Barbecue and the lovers of Barbecue love it so much. The Barbecues are said to be straight from America.

It is here that you will also find a bar and comfortable places to spend your evenings while having barbecue with family and friends.

As much as you would want to spend little and enjoy more, Juan Les Pins, Eastern Riviera is the way and the place to go.

You can also spoil your night at the high-end hotels like the Hotel Sainte Valerie just to have a feel of how expensive places in Juan Les Pins are.

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