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  • CURRENCY: 100 CZK - $4.5
  • Airport: Vaclav Havel
  • Hotel Prices: From - $15
  • Get Around: Metro
  • Must-see: Charles Bridge
  • Meal Price: From - $8
  • Activities: Prague Castle
  • Weather: Average Temp:18°C
  • Nightlife: U Zlateho Tygra
Prague, Travel GuideThere is a city in Central Europe, where you will find numerous castles. These castles will not only satisfy your eyes but they will even tell you many untold stories. Yes, the intro might seem a bit dramatic to you but the city that we are now going to explore is nothing but a beautiful storyteller by itself.    Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. When you set foot on the streets of Prague you will feel like submerging into a land of fairytales. Not only is it well known for its beauty, also its history, which attracts travelers from all over the world to this mesmerizing place.

But if you are not among those who love history, then Prague has a better option for you. Engulf yourself into the nightlife. Yes! It is one of Europe’s best nightlife destinations

Prague has a lot to offer you and with our TRAVEL GUIDE, you will be able to experience the complete essence of Prague without missing any corners of it. Starting from airports to activities, this travel guide will be your go-to travel buddy. 

Things That You Will Find in This PragueTravel Guide

  • Airport information
  • Accommodation 
  • Transports 
  • Local food and places where you will find it
  • Tourist attractions Activities in Prague
  • Nightlife of Prague

Vaclav Havel Airport or the Prague Ruzyne Airport is the biggest airport in the Czech Republic. This airport was built in 1933-1937. It is a spacious and a modern international airport in the region of Prague. It is located in the northwest edge of the city and it is approximately 17 kilometers north of the city center.

Vaclav Havel is the current name given to this international airport whereas it was formally known as Prague Ruzyne Airport. Interestingly, this airport has derives its name from the first president of the Czech Republic. 

It will take you around 25 to 30 minutes to reach the city center if you take a car. On the other hand, if you prefer taking public transport, then you will have to travel for an hour. 

Prague Airport Transfers

It is highly recommended to all the travelers to use the service allotted for transport at the airport. These services provide private taxis and shuttle with a fixed price and ensure safety along with reliability. The flat rate taxis from the airport to the hotel center will cost you CZK 590 (25$-30$) for a group of four and CZK 780 (30$-35$) for a group of eight people. English speaking driver will be there at your service, therefore, you will not be facing any problem regarding communication. 

Prague Accommodation

When it comes to hotels, Prague has a wide range of options to offer you. Starting from the historic townhouses to romantic hotels, there is everything that you need. There are boutique hotels and budget hotels as well.prague 3

Moreover, an intriguing trend has evolved in recent years, you can now rent an apartment in Prague for a short period of time. This is very useful if you are traveling in a large group. This method of accommodation will be apt for those who prefer privacy and self-catering. There are even hotels in Prague which date back to the communist period, but interestingly, these hotels are well-furnished with modern equipment.  

If you are planning on traveling to Prague during Easter, Christmas or July to August, then it is highly recommended to book the hotels beforehand. When you are looking for accommodation, keep in mind to select hotels that are near the city center, so that you do not have to face any issues regarding transportation. 

Our Recommendation of Prauge Hotels


If you are a history lover, this hotel is a perfect match. It is a boutique hotel with antique furniture and parquet flooring. This hotel is located in the quiet parts of THE lesser Town. U ZLATE STUDNE offers you three variety of rooms, namely Superior Room, Deluxe Room and Grand Deluxe Room. You should budget around CZK 4000 to CZK 5000 (170$-230$) per night stay in this hotel. Address: U Zlate Studne166/4, 118 00 Prague, Czech Republic.


Myo hotel Wenceslas is a 4-star hotel with a bar. It is located 0.9 miles from the National Museum and 0.7 miles from the Wenceslas Square. This hotel has a beautiful lobby and the view from the windows of every room in this hotel isspellbinding. The average price per night stay in this hotel is CZK 1680 (70$-80$)Address: Krakovska 10, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic. 


Meetme23 is a 3-star hotel featuring restaurants bars and free Wi-Fi. This hotel is located in the heart of Prague. It is just 1312 feet away from the National Museum of Prague. Moreover, the average price of a night stay in this hotel is CZK 550(25$)Address: Washingtonova 23, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic. 


There are multiple options when it comes to traveling from one place to another in Prague. You will find the Prague metro. These metros which operates from 5 am to 12 am on the streets of Prague. You might just as well try the trams. Surprisingly enough, the trams are more convenient than the metro. The trams are at your service from 4.30am to midnight. There are city buses in Prague that you must try too. These city buses will help you in reaching any street of Prague, which you will rarely find in any other mode of transportation . These city buses are on the streets from 4.30am till midnight. 

Interestingly, all types of public transport use the same ticket in Prague.tram prague

$1 - 30 minutes’ ticket$

$1.35 - 90 minutes’ ticket$

$4.65 - 24 hours’ ticket$

$13.20 - 72 hours’ ticket$

$2.76 - ticket between airport and city

$ 20+ - taxi to the airport. 

Nevertheless, nothing compares to Walking in Prague. Prague is a walkable city and you will truly capture the full essence of this city only by walking. All you need to do is be very careful on any crossing. 


When it comes to food in Prague, the best suggestion is to go with traditional food. Don’t miss the chance of indulging in the taste of Czech cuisine unless you are a vegetarian. Dumpling, cabbage, and pork is something that Czech people love the most. Along with the meal, they even like to have a sip of beer. 

Moreover, the most popular traditional food among the tourists is Svickova Na Smetane. This dish contains roasted duck or sirloin beef mixed in a creamy sauce and served with bread dumplings. This item is served in almost every restaurant and café of Prague. Besides this dish, fried cheese and potato fries areconsidered the traditional food of Czechs. 

Here are some of the restaurants you must try when you are in Prague.

Plzeňská RestauraceThis is a local restaurant in Prague. You will find local dishes here but if you wish to have something different, they won’t hesitate taking orders. The menu price in this restaurant starts from CZK300- 500 (13$-20$). Address: Namesti Republiky 1090/5, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic. 

Vikárka RestaurantThis is a high-end restaurant which is   part of the castle area. You will find the restaurant to be filled with people during the official visiting time. This is only because when tourists come to visit the castle, they eventually head to this place in order to have their meal too. The menu price in this restaurant starts with CZK400-600 (13$-25$). Address: Vikarska 39, 119 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic. 

Restaurant – Café Sv. Václava -This restaurant is well known for its goulash soup. Not only it is good with the traditional food, but tourist can also even order any other item and the staffs will happily provide it in no time. The menu price of this restaurant is about CZK 100-200(5$-10$). Address: Vaclavske Namesti 821/39, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic. 


Charles Bridgethis bridge in Prague is one of the most beautiful bridge you will ever come across. Charles bridge was built in the year 1357, and it remains the only way you can cross the River Vltava from the castle district to the Old Town. Sunset is the perfect time to fullyexperience the aura of this beautiful place. prague l

Old Town Square - the Old Town Square is not just a beautiful location it is first and foremost a historical place. In this enchanting place, you will find many other famous tourist sights of Prague. There are alsoa few cafés here, therefore if you feel exhausted after your expedition, you can directly go to any café of your choice. If you are someone who prefers less crowded places, then evening is the perfect time for you to visit Old Town Square. 

Astronomical Clock Tower - This is the most famous location in Prague. This clock was first installed in the year 1410. This clock not only shows hours, minutes and seconds but also months and days . Do not miss visiting this old tower situated in the Old Town to experience the history of this place.

Prague Castle - is the biggest ancient castle in the world. It covers the area of about 70,000 square meters. This castle even consists of other beautiful building of other beautiful buildings inside it such as Old Royal Palace, Vitus Cathedral the Prague castle, you will find Old Royal Palace, Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St. George and many more. It is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Prague.


Prague is loaded with activities to do. Starting from boat rides to learning about history in museums, you can pack your day with experiences that can never be erased. This is a city where everyone will surely find something special for themselves.

You don’t need to explore the city only by trams and buses, another interesting option is going on a cruise. You can enjoy sightseeing as well as indulge into the calmness of River Vltava. The tour is one hour long and it costs around CZK 220 to CZK 240

If you plan on visiting Prague during the summer season, then try out the tram trip. Take Prague's historical tram 41 and then explore the National Theatre, Wenceslas Square, and Lesser Old Town. Moreover, you can board tram 71 and have fun in the other boarding points. 

Another fun activity for the touristS is visiting The National Marionette Theatre. You can enjoy puppet shows with your family or alternatively listen to classical music being performed by pro artists. All you need to do is have fun with the puppets and try singing a classical song.

If you are a nature and animal lover, then go to the Prague Zoo. This is open all for all the 365 days and it is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Prague. Take a walk on the shady and grassy plains of the zoo and enjoy some time very close to nature. 


As mentioned earlier, Prague is one of the best destinations in Europe for nightlife. It attracts a huge number of party-goers and students. You will find tons of pubs, wholesome bars, magnificent nightclubs, beer gardens and everything that you can think of with regard to nightlife.

Here are some pubs and bars that you can check out on your visit to Prague. 

U FLEKU - it is the oldest Czech brewery and one of the most expensive pubs in Prague. Not only will you be entertained with dark beer, but the live music will make every moment memorable for you. However, the most interesting part of this pub is the 12th-century building.It comes as no surprise that this ancient building attracts. This ancient building attracts many tourists . A black beer is known as Flek and costs around CZK 59. (2.5$ - 3$).

 Address: Kremencova 11, New Town, Prague. 

U PINKASU - iIt is the first pub in Prague to serve Pilsner Urquell. This is one of the great and affordable pubs that Prague has on offer. Itserves various Czech meals along with beer. This pub has a Spartan essence to it. You need to set a budget from CZK 150 to CSK 250 if you want to enjoy some time here.

Address: Jungmannovo Namesti 16, New Town, Prague, Czech Republic.

U ZLATEHO TYGRA - this is an old drinking hall in the city of Prague. Nevertheless, it serves the best cool beer at a reasonable price. A half-liter of beer will cost you CZK 36 (2$). It is sometimes hard to find seats in this popular beer bar. Therefore, feel lucky if you get one. This beer bar has the world’s greatest beer hall, so do not miss the extravagance of this place. Address: Husova 17, Old Town, Prague.

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