Free Things To Do In Edinburgh For Budget Travelers

If you ‘re planning to visit Edinburgh but are on a budget or want to know the activities you could do or places you could go to for free, then we got your back! After hours of research, we have rounded up the top four free things you could do on your next trip to Edinburgh. If you want to visit zoo here are the Best Zoos in UK.

1. Explore The National Museum Of Scotland:


Want to see more of the artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific side of Edinburgh? A museum is a place you need to go to, and right now the one I suggest is the highly recommended National Museum Of Scotland. You can know more about the

  • Natural World
  • World Cultures
  • Science and Technology
  • Art
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Scottish History


This worth-a-visit place has a fantastic collection, marvelous natural history section, and a tremendous array of galleries. The beautiful building buzzes with life and energy and is informative, well laid out, bright and airy all at once!

It is the ideal activity you could do on a rainy day in Edinburgh and the perfect place to have a family outing. It has such interactive areas for children and is an excellent opportunity for adults to learn more information that captures their interest at the same time.

Although admission to the spacious museum is free, tickets for visiting one of their significant exhibitions can cost £10 for adults ( free for Members). The cafes in the museum serve delicious food at a reasonable cost too.


Museum Of Scotland


Visiting the national museum can help you know more about the great inventions and assets of Scotland, not to mention it is a free and fun way to spend your day, whether you are a child or adult. From dinosaurs to space, there is much to learn in this museum and even more to see and do.

The staff is approachable, the toilets are well-tended, and the view of the Edinburgh skyline that you can see if you do not miss visiting the roof terrace is spectacular and breathtaking, but remember it is only accessible from some of the staircases, so make sure you know your way to there and which staircase to take.

Lastly, I would like to state some random but essential facts you need to remember

  • Firstly, it may take time to understand the slightly complicated yet impressive layout that is full of surprises.
  • Secondly, photography is allowed in the museum, so do not forget to capture your memories while visiting the museum!

Finally, I would like you to know that Edinburgh’s museums do not disappoint, so if you are ever staying in the city, be sure to take out some few hours to spend in this magnificent museum.


2. Climb Up The Calton Hill


Calton Hill is a historic neighborhood that is lined with monuments. It is undoubtedly worth the climb because of the scenic and stunning view from the top of the city, cool architecture, and the impressive buildings and monuments.

If you want to have an enjoyable walk or climb, visit somewhere spontaneously, spend your day in nature, have a picnic, then Calton Hill is the place you should let your feet take you to, believe me, your expectations will be met, or in this case, maybe even be exceeded.

If you ever want to take in the fresh air and the sight of all of Edinburgh from the top or perhaps watch the sunset or sunrise and are searching for the perfect spot for that, good news for you! Calton Hill is just maybe the place you want to go to, and you will not even have to hike up too high or do a big climb up.


Calton Hill


The walk up to the top gets your heart beating fast, but seeing the incredible view when you finally reach will probably make you forget it all. If you have children or aren’t good on your feet, then no worries, have a safer and easier climb up the Calton Hill, and even get a spectacular view of Arthur’s seat.

As I said it is easier, I would say that it is not for the faint-hearted as the walk will surely get your heart pumping, but it’s

  • Breathtaking Beauty
  • Fascinating Information
  • Monuments
  • Landmarks

make up for it. It is hardly far from the city center, so if you ever want an opportunity to see the division between the old and new Edinburgh and enjoy the sights, it doesn’t matter if you go up Jacobs ladder or around by the Ai Road and then up.

But some things that you need to make sure if you ever decide to pay a free visit to Calton Hill then remember, you must bring a camera along with drinks and food in the morning and on a sunny day, because that is when Calton Hill is at its best.


3. Visit the Dean Village


Escape the lively streets of Edinburgh crowded with tourists and stroll along the river or around a lovely old cemetery located nearby the Dean Village, which is a rural village and tourist attraction.

The peaceful and historic village has beautiful buildings and wonderful views that are worth taking pictures of. The calm and clean place that is though a bit steep has lovely scenery that you would love the sight of.


Dean Village


The ancient and built out stone charming little village is built around Water of Leith, the main river flowing near central Edinburgh. Suppose you ever want a retreat from the lively city center or want to add some nature in your city experience equation, not to worry.

In that case, it is only 15-20 minutes away from the city center and within walking distance to many hotels.It gives a great, old-world vibe with its authentic old buildings, and you are for sure to be awed by it. Ever wanted to visit Edinburgh that makes you feel like you are somewhere else, which makes you forget about the busy city?

This dog, kid, and runner-friendly village with amazing architecture and muddy trails are where you should aimlessly wander around and give an hour or two of your day.


Have Some Fun Family Time At The Love Gorgie Farm


This fun farm is a “non-profit ” organization that educates its visitors about farming and food production and accommodates and supports people with special needs.

It is a proper farm accessible to everyone, not a farm or a posh rural attraction for tourists, keep in mind. And though it’s free admission, you may have to pay a fee to pet and feed some animals.


Gorgie Farm


The volunteers are lovely; the staff is helpful, friendly, and quite good with children. The cafe is cute, the play park is super fun, the animals are looked after well, the facilities are excellent, and the toilet facilities are clean and modern.

The experience is educational yet engaging and exciting. And if you have decided to tour this place, then good for you! You’ll get to have fun at the farm located in the city with your family, and believe me, the time you spend there will not go to waste.

The farm is convenient because of its location;

  • It Is Right In the City
  • It Is Easy To Access By the Bus

So if you ever have some time in Edinburgh and want to show your kids animals but not in the zoo, this is the place you should go to.

It is the perfect place to go when you want to sit and enjoy watching the animals, but it is also the best place for when you want to have great family time or a morning/afternoon activity with the kids.



Do you need to book in advance to visit Calton Hill?

It is indeed recommended to book Calton Hill tours ahead of time to secure your spot (if you ‘re touring with a guide and a group)

When is Calton Hill open?

Sunday to Saturday – 12 AM to 11:59 PM

Is parking available at the National Museum Of Scotland?

Yes, it is, but if you visit a special exhibition at the museum, the car park will be available for £10.50.