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Top Winter Destinations Pleasing Visitors into Everything Unique

People love traveling in summer, but winter is also the right time of the year to go around the world and to enjoy the winter celebrations. Traveling in winter means you get to have a unique experience, scenic landscapes and fewer crowds. Some locations are picturesque and here are some top winter destinations around the world.

Munich, Germany
Travelers can have a great time in this Bavaria’s capital during winter. Though all the four seasons are glorious, winters are the best in Munich, Germany. Visitors can enjoy visiting the Christkrindle market in Marienplatz that is a great place for handcrafted mugs filled with mulled steaming wine, artisanal toys of children that is wood card and the elaborate gingerbread houses.

St. Petersburg, Russia
This city, St. Petersburg in Russia is a fantastic city throughout the year. It has many cultural gems and especially during the months of winter, it takes on bustles flooding with seasonal events and the frosted beauty captivates tourists coming here in its white beauty. A place worth visiting is St. Petersburg with friends and family during winters, especially on 6 January when Orthodox Christmas is celebrated.

Shirakawa , Japan
The Shirkawa village in Japan presents perfect Gifu prefecture and is announced by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. This is owing to the houses traditional architecture. It features thatched vertiginous roofs that beautifully protect houses from collapsing even during heavy winters and snowfall. Shirakawa, Japan receives the heaviest snowfall and is worth visiting for winter lovers.

Harbin | China
Harbin in China is a major city and also the coldest. Every year it hosts the Snow Sculpture Festival and Harbin International Ice, the biggest snow festivals. This festival is prominent and gets spread on the Songhua River either sides. These ice blocks are used to make sculptures and visitors coming here can enjoy every bit of the snow festivals and winters, but come rightly prepared with warm clothing and accommodations.

Yosemite National Park , USA
Witness changing seasons by visiting the magical place, the Yosemite National Park in the USA , is completely snow blanketed. This is a perfect spot for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing that tourists from far and wide and also the locals do pay a visit to the Yosemite Valley. The seasonal changes in the fauna and flora with the meteorology shifts ensure the winter visitors a thorough enjoyment.

Kitzbühel , Austria
Kitzbuhel is a world famous medieval town ideal for its surrounding slopes and skiing. It has flat plains stretching for miles that the entire area is suitable for skiing cross-county and during winter months tourists keep flocking around the Alpine paradise town. Kitzbuhel, the Tyrol’s state capital, is an hour from Innsbruck and it draws visitors to its snowy streets beauty and the Christmas market quality hauls people from various places.

Alcázar de Segovia, Spain
In central Spain, the Alcazar de Segovia is regarded a royal palace, a fortress. It is designed such that the Alcazar is all year long. During winters it is very special and with snow coming, it turns very beautiful.

Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy during the winter months takes a special air. The cultural events take place in full at the opera house. Milan, Italy presents a picture perfect wonderland in winter on the Milan Cathedral as the snow falls and it appears a paradise.

Aachen, Germany
Aachen, Germany is famous in winter months for its thermal springs. This part of West German city is flocked by visitors to the Christmas market. The streets are paved with snow-covered cobbled streets and the medieval times houses appear more beautiful ensuring the festive spirit. Apart from this the Aachen townsfolk distinct recipe, Lebkuchen is a Christmas treat in German.

Salzburg, Austria
The Salzburg old town is prominent for its winter months and is striking as it gets duster with Alpine snow layer. This entry point into the Alps is the favorite of enthusiasts of winter sports. Besides, visitors coming to Salzburg are more than pleased to enjoy this feast for the senses. The winter food includes different pancakes version and Kaiserschmarm, washed with a hot Viennese chocolate.

There are many more places that are top winter destinations and it is beautiful with proper accommodations booked in advance.