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Travel Guide to Cairo

Cairo, Egypt – Travel Guide

Cairo is an ancient city of Egypt famous for the Giza Pyramid Complex. The region is known as “the city of a thousand minarets” for its Islamic architecture and for being the cultural and political center of Egypt.

The city’s metropolitan area has the population of 20 million and has been declared as the second largest city in Africa and the largest in the Middle East.

The city is filled with

  • Historical landmarks
  • Busy traffic
  • Glittering skyscrapers and
  • Ornamented mosques

Cairo is a famous tourist destination. The city offers best accommodation services, delicious food, transportation services and landmarks to visit. Here is a complete guide if you are planning for a trip to Cairo in 2019.

1. Airport and airport transfers:

Cairo International Airport is the central airport and cargo hub located in Heliopolis. Its total area is 37 square kilometers. As the city has a large population, it is the busiest airport in the region and is directed by the holding company of Egypt for Air Navigation and Airport.

2. Terminals:

The airport terminals include Terminal 1, known as the “Old Airport”, which contains 12 gates. Hall 1 serves as both the departures and arrivals hall, Hall 2 serves domestic or international arrivals, Hall 3 serves international arrivals, and Hall 4 has been designated for non-commercial and private flights. Shopping mall named “Air Mall” has been built near Terminal 1 Hall 3.

Terminal 2 contains 14 gates and operates jointly with terminal 3. It is connected with terminal 3 by an air bridge. Terminal 3 contains 23 gates and serves international and domestic traffic and its 2 gates can also serve Airbus A380.

3. Airport Hotel:

Le Méridien is a five-star international hotel located in front of and adjacent to Terminal 3. The hotel contains 350 luxury rooms and provides high-quality food. It is connected with terminal 3 by 750 ft. long skyway.

4. Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus:

Cairo International Airport has launched a comfortable shuttle bus service for its passengers. If you are looking for a trip to Cairo, the shuttle bus will take you to the following places of your choice.

Here is the destination and price list of Airport shuttle bus service;

Destination Shuttle Per Pax Private Useegypt-Cairo_Egypt_1 Cairo, Travel Guide

  • Heliopolis 25 LE 50 LE
  • Nasr-City 30 LE 60 LE
  • Downtown 35 LE 70 LE
  • El Mohandieseen 40 LE 80 LE
  • El Maadi 45 LE 90 LE
  • Alharam 45 LE 90 LE
  • Helwaan District 105 LE
  • Accommodation:

Cairo boasts various marvelous hotels providing superb services to guests and tourists. If you are planning to visit Cairo for vacations then have a look at the following top hotels which provide the best accommodation services.

1. Le Passage Cairo:

Le Passage Cairo is located in the Heliopolis district of Cairo. The hotel has been awarded the excellence certification due to its superlative services. It is only five minutes away from Cairo International Airport and ten minutes from the Cairo Convention Center. The hotel has luxurious and sophisticated rooms and Executive Club perfect for business travelers.

Location: “Cairo International Airport Road, El Horreya-Heliopolis, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +202 22670099

2. Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir is located at the core of Tahrir Square. The hotel amenities include restaurant, fitness Gym, free Wi-Fi, airport transportation, spa and luxurious rooms.

If you are on a trip to Cairo then this hotel is definitely worth a consideration.

Location: “2 Kasr El Nile St Tahrir Square, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +49 69 66564-460


Hotel El Tahrir


3. Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

This luxurious hotel is situated at the heart of Cairo’s district: Garden City. The hotel is a few minutes away from Tahrir Square and the shopping zone. It offers rooms overlooking the shores of the Nile River.

  • Hotel amenities include:
  • Room service
  • Spa
  • Free Wi-Fi (High-Speed Wi-Fi)
  • Restaurant, bar and
  • Adult pool
  • Rooms along Nile River are best to visit and enjoy the shores of the river; if you are planning to visit Cairo then you must visit the place.

Location: “2 Kasr El Nile St Tahrir Square, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 2 2798 0000

4. Le Meridien Cairo Airport

This hotel is situated adjacent to Cairo International Airport Terminal 3.

It contains luxurious, deluxe and soundproof rooms ideal for business meetings.

Hotel amenities include airport transportation, spa, restaurant, room service, bar, pool, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Location: “Cairo International Airport, Terminal 3, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 2 22859600

5. Osiris Hotel

Osiris Hotel is situated at the heart of downtown with its unique oriental style.

The hotel contains sophisticated rooms, restaurant, delicious Egyptian food, Airport transportation, bar, and laundry services. By stepping on to the top roof you can enjoy Cairo City’s panoramic view.

Location: “49 Nubar, Bab El Louk, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 127 618 1261

6. Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah

This hotel is situated at Zamalek in downtown Cairo. It is ideal for business meetings as it is located at a distance of 10 minutes from the International Conference Center. Hotel statue-cairo_1 Cairo, Travel Guideamenities include a restaurant, Gym, spa, airport transportation, free Wi-Fi and bar.

Location: “3 El Thawra Council St Zamalek, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 2 27373737

7. Windsor Hotel Cairo

It is a traditional and sophisticated hotel situated in the heart of Cairo. The hotel lies in close proximity to the city’s attractions like Opera Square, Abdine Palace, and Nile River. Hotel amenities include a restaurant, babysitting and room services, airport transportation, free Wi-Fi and parking.

Location: “19 Alfi Bey Street, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 2 25915810

8. Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino are located at Zamalek, Cairo.

The hotel contains:

  • Luxury rooms and suites
  • Balconies
  • Restaurants
  • Spa
  • Gym and
  • Wi-Fi

You can enjoy beautiful Cairo garden views from the balcony while holding a cup of coffee.

Location: “16 Saray El Gezira Street, Zamalek, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 2 27283000

9. City View Hotel

The marvelous hotel is located in Tahrir Square in the middle of Cairo City near to the Egyptian Museum. The hotel offers services to businessmen and travelers.

Hotel amenities include

  • Restaurant business center
  • Airport transportation
  • Dry cleaning
  • Luxury rooms and
  • Minibars.

Location: “1 El Bostan St. Downtown, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Contact: +20 2 27735980

10. Fairmont Nile City

Fairmont Nile City Hotel is located near the bank of the Nile River in Cairo. Construction has been done while keeping in sight Cairo’s civilization and offers a series of enchanting contrasts.

Hotel offers include:

  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Lounge/ bar
  • Gym and Much more

Location: “Nile City Towers – 2005 B, Corniche El Nil, Ramlet Beaulac, Cairo 2466, Egypt.”

Contact: 00 20 120 888 8690

Here are booking rates (USD) of above-defined hotels;

Hotel Price Per Night (USD)

  • Le Passage Cairo $72
  • Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir $136
  • Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo $120
  • Le Meridien Cairo Airport $158
  • Osiris Hotel $28
  • Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah $139
  • Windsor Hotel Cairo $34
  • Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino $134
  • City View Hotel $35
  • Fairmont Nile City $157

Cultural Tourism, Attractions and Places:

Cairo’s cultural tourism, attractions, and places have always appealed to tourists seeking to explore the historical civilization that includes temples, monuments and pyramids.

In the past, it has also been ranked as the best city to explore and travel in the world.  Mexico City is also a great tourist destination. Here is complete Travel Guide to Mexico City.

  • Cultural Tourism:

Culture plays an important role in civilization and social learning. Here are the cultural attractions of Cairo.

  • Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera House is situated in the south of Geniza Island in Zamalek district. It was inaugurated by President “Hosni Mubarak” in 1988 and funded by the nation of Japan.

It contains:

  • A music library
  • A museum
  • An art gallery and
  • Seven theaters

Opera House is now a part of “National Culture Center.” It has been directed under the policy of innovation, diversity, and encouragement to shape Egyptian culture and provide facilities to promote art and music.

  • Khedival Opera House

Khedival Opera House is also known as the Royal Opera House and was inaugurated in 1869.

Khedival Opera House was built at the order of Khedive Ismail. In 1971, it was burned and only two statues made by Mohammad Hassan survived.

It has been now converted into a car garage called the Opera Square.

  • Cairo International Film Festival

The film festival was inaugurated in 1976 and was held in the Cairo Opera House.

It is an international competitive festival held annually and has awarded various international actors and Egyptian actors, directors, and actresses.

  • Cairo Geniza

Cairo Geniza is a Jewish collection of 300,000 manuscripts found in the store of “Ben Ezra Synagogue” in Old Cairo.

It is also called the “spelled geniza.” It includes both secular and religious documents written in Aramaic language by using the Hebrew alphabet.

Attractions and Places:

Here are the top attractions and places you must visit in order to explore and acknowledge the civilization.

  • Pyramids

Egyptian Pyramids are ancient masonry structures situated in Egypt. The famous pyramids are located in Giza. “Pyramid of Khufu” is the oldest and largest pyramid found in Giza.

There are hotels nearby Giza Pyramids, you can stay there and enjoy the entire trip.



  • Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square is situated in Downtown Cairo. It is also known as “Martyr Square”.

The square is a political hub as well because the statue of the national hero named Omar Makram, Egyptian Museum, Arts House and Arab League Headquarters are also situated there.

Around the Centre, there is heavy traffic and various buildings make it more luminous at night.

If you are on a trip to Cairo, Egypt then you must definitely see this place.

  • Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities located in Cairo contains a collection of 120,000 antiquities displayed in the museum.

The museum was constructed in 1835 near Ezbekeyah Garden but later moved to Cairo.

There are two floors in the museum; the ground floor contains a collection of coins, artifacts from the New Kingdom and papyrus and the second floor contains artifacts from the last two Egyptian dynasties.

  • Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower is the free-standing tower in Cairo with a rotating restaurant at the topmost floor and provides a bird’s eye view of the city.

The tower is the second most famous landmark after the Giza Pyramids. It remained the highest structure for about 50 years in North Africa and Egypt and the highest in Africa for 10 years till late 1971.

Here is a list of some attractions in Cairo with prices in USD;

Location Description Price(USD)

Great Pyramids & Sphinx You can enter into the ground of pyramids zone at this price as part of the trip but not inside. 6.73

Pyramid of Khufu You have to pay an entrance fee to enter the pyramid complex. 16.83

Pyramid of Menkaure You have to pay an entrance fee to enter the pyramid complex. 3.37

Egyptian Museum You have to pay an entrance fee to enter the pyramid complex. 6.73

  • Transportation:

Transportation is undoubtedly a key issue for tourists and travelers. Cairo has many transportation services that are provided to tourists and travelers. As the population of Cairo is overwhelming, the traffic runs at a fast-flowing pace. Transport in the city includes river buses, taxis, private transport, and metro buses.

  • Taxi Services

Taxi services are generally targeted by tourists first. You can call an older-type white and black taxi with no meter installed and pay the most minimal of fares. There are new taxis as well such as the white taxis with a meter installed and they charge over the distance you want to travel. It consists of 3 operational lines.

  • Metro Bus

Cairo Metro is the rapid transport system opened for public in 1987 from Helwan to Ramsis Square.

In 2013, it carried 4 million passengers per day. It contains three operational lines and each of them have distinct routes.

The population of Cairo is growing day by day and that is reflected in the crowded streets of the city,that’s why the best option to move around the area is using the metro bus.

  • Ramses Railway Station

Ramses Station is also known as Misr Station and the main station.

You can travel around other cities by using the train.

Facilities provided by railway station include post office, luggage office, pharmacy, and ATMs.

  • Nile Ferry

The ferry boatsoperate on the Nile River in Zamalek and beside the area. You can travel along the Nile River and enjoy the ride over the water. The boats operate between 8 AM to 10 PM.

Traditional Dishes:

Food is always a significant aspect to factor in for tourists and Cairo, which is famous for African cuisine, has a lot to offer!

Here are famous and traditional dishes of Cairo:

  • Hawawshi

Hawawshi is a pita bread filled with chopped meat and garnished with onions, chilies, and peppers, which make it taste delicious, hot and spicy. It is normally eaten during lunch or dinner.

  • Ful

It is the common food of Egyptians consisting of fava beans prepared with lemon juice and oil. It can be made in many ways but normally people try it with butter. You can try it at breakfast.

  • Kushari

Kushari is the unique Egyptian dish and is served in many restaurants. It contains macaroni, spaghetti, and rice topped with chilies, onion and tomato sauce.

  • Fattah

It is mostly made to mark various celebrations and religious festivals. Fattah consists of fried Baladi, rice and meat chunks and is topped with tomato and vinegar, which makes it more delicious.

  • Sayadeya

Sayadeya is a seafood dish made up of fish fillets such as bass, mullet or bluefish. The fish is marinated with lemon juice and cooked with yellow rice, which gives it a unique taste. If you are a seafood lover, then without a doubt, you must try sayadeya.

  • Kofta and Kebab

This dish is served with tahina, bread, and salads. Kofta is consists of chopped meat and can also include minced meat. Spices and chilies are added to it and made over the grill.

  • Mulukhiya

Mulukhiya is an Egyptian dish served with rice, bread and meat chunks. It is a leafy vegetable cooked with lemon juice and onions.

  • Kunafa

Kunafa is a traditional dish of Egypt and usually served during Ramadan. It consists of a thin noodles layer with cheese filling. Some Egypt bakeries make kunafa and serve it with chocolate, mango and avocado.

  • Hamam Mahshi

Hamam Mahshiconsists of pigeon and mostly served at weddings. It is marinated with cinnamon, nuts, rice and wheat and served with giblets, onions and spices. You will certainly enjoy this delicious food.

  • Koshary

Koshary is made up of rice, chickpeas, pasta, garlic, vinegar and onion in tomato sauce. You can try this delectable meal while walking around the Nile.

Food and Drinks:

Here is a list of food and drinks with price in USD, available in Cairo City:

You can dine at the local restaurant and enjoy the delicious food.

  • Food type Description Price (USD)

Budget breakfast

Hotels include breakfast of your choice and depend on the budget. You can also enjoy breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere at cafe or street side. 2.69 – 4.77

Budget lunch

You can dine at the restaurant and eat at a cheap price. 3.37 – 6.73

Budget dinner

You can dine at the local restaurant and enjoy the delicious food. 4.77 – 10.10

Beer (.33l bottle)

You can buy .331 beer bottles not only from hotels but also from street side bars. 2.52 – 3.65


Cairo is a great and attractive tourist destination in Egypt. Due to the desert climate, Cairo experiences cold nights and hot, long, and humid days.

Over the year, temperature normally varies from 50°F to 96°F.

In Cairo, hot season persists from May to October with regular high-temperature overhead 90°F and the cold season continues from December to March with a regular temperature of 72°F while January faces the coldest month with an average of 56°F and July faces the hottest month at 82°F.

Arts Festival runs throughout the summer for three weeks. If you are planning a trip to Cairo then do plan so in summers to see the glamour of arts festival, which includes music concerts, dance and shows.

For winters, do bring along warm clothes along as the temperature can reach 9°F.

During the holy month, i.e. Ramadan, bars are usually closed during the day and some for the whole month.

Nightlife in Cairo:

Night in Cairo


Nightlife and entertainment are some of the main attractions for the vast majority of tourists. It contributes to the cultural development of a country.

Here are some bars and lounges in Cairo:

  • Cairo Jazz Club

This famous club is situated in Mohandessin. The international and local artists perform in the club. You can enjoy the nightlife in Jazz Club while holding a cocktail and some sushi. The pleasant and lovely environment with best services will make you feel comfortable.

Location: “197 26th of July Corridor, Madinet Al Eelam, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Egypt.”

  • Shahrazad

The Horizon Shahrazad Hotel and Casino is situated along the Nile bank and offers an impressive view of the river and Cairo Tower.

The bar opens for seven days until dawn so you can stay here and have fun till early morning. You can order Sakkara and enjoy Arabic music, which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Location: “182, Nile Corniche St, | Agouza, Cairo 99999, Egypt.”

  • Crimson Bar and Grill

Crimson Bar is situated at Zamalek. The pleasant atmosphere and good services will make you feel comfortable but food prices are somehow slightly high. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Cairo from here.

Location: “16 El Moseqar Kamal El Tawil Street, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

  • The Tap

The Tap, situated in the middle of Maadi. offers drinks, food, music nights and sports. They have a multiplicity of dance performances and music in a day. It’s the best place, and a very famous one to visit and enjoy the nightlife in Cairo.

Location: “257 Road, Building 17 | Infront of Olympic Village, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

Golden Pharaoh Dinner Cruise

The Golden Pharaoh Dinner Cruise is situated in “El Nil Street”. It boasts an excellent environment and a 14-meter-long craft which looks like royal and specializes in a number of the Middle East and Egyptian cuisines.

Location: “138 El Nil Street, Cairo 11511, Egypt.”

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