Weekend in Manchester - What to Do in this Famous City?

The largest city in New Hampshire, Manchester is famous for its textile, retail and manufacturing industries. The place has a perfect combination of big city attractions and a small town charm. It has many attractions, such as art galleries, museums and cathedrals.There are fantastic attractions such as shopping centers and national parks. You will love to spend a weekend in Manchester, and indulge in various popular activities.

Explore the music scene

The city has a bustling music scene, and its Heaton Park is the venue of choice for music events and concerts. Heaton sees many events jamming the stage during the summer months. You will love the lively music from concert artists and bands. Heaton Park is situated about 4 miles to the north of central Manchester. The park is spread over a sprawling 600-acre area and has many tram, boating and golf facilities.

Enjoy cultural activities

If you love art and culture, the city has many art galleries and museums on offer. The Manchester Art Gallery is a wonderful complex consisting of Victorian and modern buildings, consisting of a wide array of paintings. The Whitworth Gallery has some amazing instances of British textiles and water colors. The city has a vibrant cultural life. Visit the Manchester Jewish Museum, where objects of the local Jewish community are present. The Museum of Hatting has the best crafts in hats. Go to The Lowry, which is a shopping, art and theater complex, and Opera House, Palace Theatre and Waterside Arts Centre.

Enjoy the nightlife

Manchester has The Curry Mile, with the biggest concentration of Asian restaurants, and has a wonderful combination of international and local cuisines. It has some of the most wonderful restaurants, such as El Rincon de Rafa, Sam's Chop House and Northern Quarter Restaurant, which maintain high standards in foods and services. Try The Factory, Odd, Black Dog Ballroom or Mint Lounge for dance and drink parties.

Take part in sporting activities

The place has the Heaton Park Golfing Center, the top public golfing facility that is open throughout the week. The famous golf center has a teaching range as well as golf courses. You can also keep children entertained in kids’ parks in the city. A weekend break to this city can be well-earned for you.

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