Where to stay in London

Traveling is one of the best things that a person can indulge in, alone or with family or friends. The most favored place to visit is London, with a majestic city, picturesque views, and astonishingly attractive residents. Exquisitely beautiful London  is quite expensive, and you can get the best out of everything whether you have a bundle of cash or you are on a budget.

Of course prior to your journey, you need to have a place to stay. Good thing is wherever you are in the world, you have access to all the hotels in London through the internet. Thanks to the high innovation of technology, booking a hotel all over the globe is made easy. You can select what hotel is suitable for you depending on your style, the comfort that you need, and definitely your budget is a huge factor to consider. There are 4,960 hotels in London that you can choose from. Since London is a vast 21st century historical city, you would need to decide first exactly which side of London you want to explore.  As a traveller, you may want to visit the tourist attractions, and in order to have the convenience of site seeing, it is recommended that you stay in a hotel that is close to the places that you fancy to visit. (function(d, sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = 'text/j-avascript'; s.async = true; s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(document, 'script', '//');

There are hotels near the Tower of London, London Bridge and Tower Bridge in central London where the historic castle can be found, the tower that holds the crown jewels, and the famous London Bridge in its splendor can be witnessed. You can also stay at hotels that will allow you easy access to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is an Anglican cathedral in the city of London. The cathedral is famous for its Whispering Gallery, where a whisper in the wall can actually be heard on the wall’s other side.

If you wish to bask in the glory of the Buckingham Palace, you can choose a hotel in the City of Westminster where the palace is located. You can also stay at a hotel close to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and London Eye, where the attractions are a walking distance from each other. In here you can visit the wax museum of monarchs, the Great Bell, the world’s largest clock, and the cantilevered observation wheel which is the tallest in the worldHotels near Hyde Park are abundant, where you can satisfy your eyes with the beauty of the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. And if it’s an unforgettable night life that you’re after, stay near Soho, or most commonly known as the pleasure district . There are cheap hotels all over London that you can stay in, and there are mid-range hotels, as well as luxuriously expensive hotels. Regardless of the type of hotel that you will stay in, what is important is the quality tie that you will have in your exploration. After all, you will go to London to visit and roam, not to have hotel seclusion.

London the best districts and example hotels

London is definitely one of the wonderful and sought after places to visit by tourist. The elegant districts of London are craved upon by people all over the globe, and the striking tourist attractions are worth every penny to explore. There are numerous districts in London and thousands of hotels to stay in, but the most renowned places are Hyde Park, London Eye , and Tower of London.

Hyde Park is famous for its Speakers’ Corner, where demonstrations, debates, and protests are freely done. It is also a great place for concerts and sports like football, tennis, cycling, and horse riding. There are also various statues and memorials housed in Hyde Park, including the Cavalry Memorial, Princess Diana of Wales Memorial, and Holocaust Memorial.

To have the convenience of exploring Hyde Park, you can stay at the nearest hotels that offer the best quality service. London Marriott Hotel Park Lane and Bulgari Hotel, London are located in Hyde Park, London, and both are five start hotels that have indoor pools, sauna, a fitness center to stay in shape even when travelling, and they have excellent ratings from their clients.

The Tower of London is a historic castle that houses the crown jewels, and has the Royal Menagerie that used to keep lions inside. The tower is also known to have the ghost of Anne Boylen roam around the Church of St. Peter and Vincula where her body lies, and was said to haunt the tower.

In order to be near the cultural tourist attraction of the Tower of London, you can book your stay at the two best hotels in the City of London, which are the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square and the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. The hotels have a five star rating, and you can enjoy their spa facilities, fitness center, and indulge in a relaxing swim at their indoor pool. The clients who have stayed here had the best times of their lives enhanced by the friendly and efficient services of the hotel staff.

Another tourist attraction is frequently visited by tourists and locals is the London Eye situated in London, in the South Bank of the River Thames. It is a gigantic Ferris wheel which is 135 meters tall with a diameter of 120 meters, and riding the Ferris wheel gives you access to the amazing view of London.

In order to take advantage of the breathtaking sites on board the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, you can choose your five star hotel accommodation in the Corinthia Hotel London and The Savoy which are in Westminster Borough in London. Their 24/7 front desk guarantees that any concern and help you may need will be addressed, and after a long day exploring the area, you can sooth your body in the spa, enjoy bathing in the indoor pool, and indulge in some yoga or exercise in the fitness room. Their clients have only the good things to say about their services, and so will you.