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Winter,Harbin - Where to stay

Winters in Harbin are really exciting and are known throughout the world for its breathtaking ice lanterns festivals. During this time that is starting from 5th of January till the end of February, the city is flooded with visitors all throughout the world. The tourism aspect of the country, as well as the city, is in its budding stage.

This festival of the city makes it a must travel stop if you happen to be in China in winters. Though winters are not the peak tourist season in the city, owing to very low temperature there are ample hotels in the city which will suit your accommodation needs very easily. You will find hotels suited to every budget.

How to get there – Before you plan your visit make sure that your flight reservation is confirmed, as you might get stuck in absence of proper reservation. There are nonstop and chartered flights forms all over the world to China. the country has for international airports which are Beijing, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong. All these international airports are well facilitated. However, you need to pay the departure tax only in Renminbi. Only the children under 12 and the people who are to leave the country within twenty-four hours are exempted from paying this departure tax.

Reaching Harbin- All the international airports in China are connected to Harpin. You can avail railways for transportation. Though it is a time-consuming option, it is a cost effective one. You can also avail domestic flights from Harbin Taiping Airport. This airport of Harbin was formerly known as Yanjiagang Airport and was initially a domestic airport, but in 1994, it was upgraded to the status of an international airport. Theis airport host numerous international flights, mainly from Asian countries. So if you are from Europe you need to avail domestic flights from Beijing, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong airports.

Hotels in the city – Once you reach the city, your next course of action will be to arrange a proper accommodation. There is a huge fleet of hotels in the city that serves all the boarders arriving in the city. There are hotels ranging from the super luxurious to all pocket-friendly one, choose the best suited according to your need. However, there is a number of hotel booking sites that you give you the best hotel deal in the city. So I would suggest you grab the best deal before you start and enjoy a happy vacation.