stay in  Salzburg

Where to stay Winter in Salzburg

Getting its name from river River Salzach, Salzburg is a busy and bustling city in Austria. Nestled in between the two mountains Kapuzinerberg and Monchberg, the city has numerous cafes and restaurants, artistic galleries theaters, historically rich museums and architectural masterpieces. The city is quite picturesque with

vibrantly painted homes, beautiful castles, huge palaces, and peaceful monasteries and churches. Dated back to 696 AD the city was founded by Saint Rubert, who can to this place to lay the foundation for the Benedictine Monastery in memory of Saint Peters. After the establishment of this monastery, the town emerged as a city governed by the rules of Archbishop.

Another aspect for which the city is famous is because the city is the native of one of the epitome of music the ‘Mozart’. The city beholds a long history of music and musical concerts and hence is a popular vacation spot among the musicians throughout the world. Now, in winters in Salzburg are fascinating with wintry mountains and colorful festivals, meadows, and rivers all create an enchantment on the tourists. The city holds a place in the list of the UNESCO world heritage site and is the fourth largest city in the country. So to meet the accommodation needs of the tourists in winter, the city has a fleet of hotels always at the service. No matter, whatever your budget you have thrifty or extravagant, you will always find a warm niche in the city in winters.

The hotels of the city are pretty well equipped. All the modern facilities that are required by the borders are present in these hotels. Since the city homes three major universities, there is a huge accommodation need of the students as well. There is a need of pocket-friendly, affordable accommodation for the staffs as well. These types of youth hostels are also available in the city. If you are a student going to Salzburg for a seminar, you will surely find a suitable one for you.

Now coming for those who have a loaded pocket, for you, there are numerous options. Being one of the famous tourist spots you will find that the hotels in the city are equipped with all the modern facilities that you wish for. Nothing is more pleasurable in winters than a hot Jacuzzi bath, or a sauna steam or winter skiing. Name it and you will find it in these hotels. So come to Salzburg and enjoy your winters.