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Winter Shirakawa -Where to stay

Shirawaka is a small tourist place of the Shokawa Valley located in Gifu region of Japan. Though Shirakawa is a small place many tourists are attracted to this place to see the Ogimachi Village. This village has been declared by the UNESCO in 1995 as a World Heritage Site, owing to the 59 Gassho houses that this place features.

These Gassho houses are unique in their roof structure.

The roofs of these houses are made of thatches, and they are very steep resembling ‘praying hands’ which is known as gassho in Japanese. The main occupation of the residents of this village is sericulture, and is well-known for their silk production since 1970’s.

Getting to Shirakawa – Though the gassho houses are definitely a point of attraction in Shirakawa, the light up event is also another attraction for which visitors visit the place. Watching the beautiful gassho house lit up one by one and ultimately the light up of the whole village from a deck is really a surreal experience. It will definitely be one of your magical experiences. The village is not connected by railway routes, so to reach Shirakawa you will have to avail bus or car or get yourself a tour package. Bus rides start from Nouhi Bus Center in Takayama Station.

The travel time might be anything between fifty minutes to an hour, surely with the proper consideration of the traffic. A round trip of the village will cost you approximately 4,420yen and surely half the amount if you are buying a one-way ticket. Hiring a car is also an option but it would be a bit costly, however, you can go for a splitting with some co tourists.

Conducted tours are operated from the Nouhi Bus Center to Shirakawa and the surrounding villages covered the light up event and back to Takayama. Most of the hotels in Takayama like Hida Takayama, Takayama Green Hotel, Takayama Ouan, Country Hotel Takayama and Ryokan Seiryu also arrange for these types of conducted tours. Choose the best form of transportation that suits you and your pocket.

Arranging accommodation – If you wish to stay in Shirakawa itself then you can book a gash house for yourself. Most of the gassho houses these days function as Minshuku or homestays. TOYOTA Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute, Guesthouse AntHut, Shirakawago Terrace, Shiroyamakan, Minsyuku Koshiyama are some of the popular hotels in Shirakawa, where you will be offered a comfortable stay with all the amenities that you will need for a happy vacation.