Heathrow Airport is the main airport that services the London area. Heathrow Terminal 5 is one of the most recent terminals at Heathrow Airport,
Airlines Group and is one of their three main HUBs. IAG is made of two major airlines, British Airways and Iberia. As one of the largest freestanding buildings in London, Heathrow Terminal 5 hosts just under 35 million passengersin one year. The large size allows for numerous flights to be served out of one building and a good number of passengers to fit comfortably into the building.

  • How To Get To Heathrow Terminal 5

To get to Heathrow Terminal 5, you want to take Western Perimeter Road. This road can be accessed via the M25 junction 14. The address is:

Terminal 5
Longford, Hounslow TW6 2GA, UK

Getting from the road to Terminal 5 proper is a bit different from other airport terminals. There is no direct access from the road. You have to first enter a front building that hosts parking, ride share services, taxis, buses, and other modes of transportation. From there, you can take one of several access points into Heathrow Terminal 5.

  • Heathrow Terminal 5 Parking

All of the main lanes of Heathrow Terminal 5 are through lanes and pickup only. There is no parking, even to go in to pick someone up. Short term parking is available in the Heathrow Terminal 5 frontal building. This is the parking you use when you are dropping someone off or picking them up and want to get out of the car. You can also use this parking for short trips.

Pod parking is a slightly different style of parking. You park in a more remote location that has monitoring and security. Instead of having to hire a ride or walk back to the terminal, you get transport to the terminal. This transport is provided by a specialized pod vehicle that can be called up.

For those traveling on business you can park in Heathrow Terminal 5’s business parking. That location is just past the pod parking option on Northern Perimeter Road West. From there you can get quick transport to the terminal.

Two parking areas past the business parking is long term parking. This is where you park for long stays. It includes additional security. Parking for longer periods of time is also cheaper here. Security regularly patrols the parking lot and there is CCTV coverage.

Your last option for parking is to pay to park in any one of the numerous private parking lots in the area. One of the first private parking lots is between Heathrow Terminal 5 Business Parking and Heathrow Terminal 5 Long Stay Parking.

  • How To Access The Satellite Terminals

In addition to the main building, Heathrow Terminal 5 has two satellite terminals. These satellites are labelled terminal 5B and terminal 5C. You can access these terminals via an underground transit system known as an Automated People Mover. For those who would rather walk, you can access the Heathrow Terminal 5 pedestrian walkway. That is located below the Automated People Mover.

  • Food and Shopping At Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 is home to a number of different restaurants and bars. These locations are spread out among the Terminal to give plenty of options for travelers at all gates. You can find basic options such as a Starbucks to sit down restaurants such as Gordon Ramsey’s Plane Food.

Shopping can also be done while at the terminal. Whether you are looking for leather, jewelry, or just the basics, you can find it at Terminal 5.

  • Lounges At Terminal 5

The Heathrow Terminal 5 building hosts two lounges. One lounge is Plaza Premium Lounge. It is near gate A7 and is accessed after the security checkpoint. Your other option is the Aspire Lounge. Also located past security, you will find it by gate A18. You will also be able to find British Airways Concord room.

Now that you know how to get to Heathrow Terminal 5 and where to park, it is important to know where to stay. The next part in this series will cover the hotels near Heathrow Terminal 5. Keep tuned for the next part.

  • Near Hotels

Hilton London Terminal 5

It is one more than 5000 hotel locations that are operated by Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc.  The Hilton London is one of the most luxurious hotel properties located in close proximity to Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport. With all of its amenities and services that are targeted to both business and pleasure travelers.

Radisson Blu Edwardian

Heathrow Average Price Per Night: $145.

When you are traveling at Heathrow you have options on where to stay. One of those options is the 4-star Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow. This quality hotel comes as quite a surprise to many of those who stay there. It doesn’t feel like you are at an airport hotel. Instead, you are welcomed into a grand lobby with a glass chandelier above you.

Marriott Heathrow London

If you are headed to London, England for your next vacation, consider making a reservation at the Hotel Marriott Heathrow London near the Heathrow Airport at Bath Road, Heathrow Airport, Hillingdon, UB3 5AN, in the United Kingdom.

It’s only two miles from the airport and provides close by central links to downtown London.

Hotel Hyatt Place Heathrow Airport 

Are you traveling to United Kingdom and are looking for the perfect hotel to come home to after a vacation night out? Well look no further than the Hotel Hyatt Place Heathrow Airport. The perfect combination of price, luxury, and amenities, you will want to

Sheraton Skyline Heathrow

Average Price Per Night: $100

Heathrow is a large airport that services an extravagant number of passengers every year. When traveling through London’s Heathrow airport, many passengers choose to stay at an airport hotel. You have options but one of the best Heathrow airport hotels is Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow.

Premier Inn London Heathrow

Airport Terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport is one of the most popular terminals. It also stands by itself. Finding the right lodging near the terminal can be a bit difficult but one of the best choices is Premier Inn T5 Heathrow. It is ideally located near the terminal and terminal parking.