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Discover The Best Zoos in the UK to Visit

Do you want to explore with your kids where the wild things are with our list of top best zoos in the UK, well you will not regret exploring through our list of best zoos in the UK.


From wild and endangered rare animals to your all-time favorite furry friends, these UK zoos have something for everyone that they can wish for a perfect animal day out. Let’s find a great zoo near you that you can not help yourself from visiting them.


ZSL London Zoo


London Zoo is the world’s oldest and scientific zoo.it is home for 712 species and over 20,000 animals of all kinds. This zoo can give you a highly interactive dive into the wild world. They have a fantastic state of the art facility land of the lions where you can see face to face and hear them roar to majestic Asian lions. Land of the lions will be an exciting experience of one of a kind for wildlife lover


Ever wondered how it is like to stay overnight at the zoo within the roaring distance? Well, You can book a lodge to stay and experience extraordinary surroundings and the greenery. Animal adventure zone is a must watch as it is designed to feature low barriers that allow young animal lovers to come up close with mongooses, porcupines, and other animals. There is a water play area and play zone as well!


If you are a bug lover and like all creepy and crawly things, don’t miss Europe’s only walk-through spider enclosure! For some, that experience might be a form of torture. You can head towards penguin beach to find Humbolt penguins dipping, diving, and delighting everyone with their acts. If you have a plan to zoo you need hotels in London so here are the Cheap Hotels in London.


Opening hours:


Monday to Sunday:  10:00 -17:30

  • 20th October – 27th October

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

  • 28th October – 15th February

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00

  • Closed Christmas Day


Last Entry:

  • 1 hour before attraction closes



General Admission

  • Adults from: £23.40
  • Kids (3-15) from: £15.21
  • Concessions from: £21.05

Prices vary by date; please check with the attraction for details.



Is there food available to buy?

Yes, you can buy food from  onsite restaurant and snacks  are also available.

Can I take my dog?

No dogs are not allowed.

Can I bring my food?

Yes, you can bring your food for a picnic.

Are Wheelchairs allowed in ZSL London Zoo?

 Yes, wheelchairs are allowed in ZSL London zoo.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is onsite parking ZSL car park all day Charges: £14.50



2. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Dunstable, Bedfordshire


Do you wish to visit the Largest zoo in the UK? Well, then Whipsnade zoo is the place to be as it is a proud holder of 4000 unique animals and 600 acres of stunning land. I know what you are thinking: how on earth do you get around such a huge place in one day? You can ride the jumbo express steam train for a scenic view and see your favorite animals.


They have made micro trikes available to hire so toddlers can see around the zoo without getting tired. You don’t want to miss out on ZSL Whipsnade zoo’s special aquarium, which has some freshwater fishes already extinct. They arrange daily animal shows for curious little explorers to learn about the locals and their habitats.


Opening hours:

  • 25th March – 2nd September

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

  • 3rd September – 19th October 

Monday to Sunday:  10:00 – 17:30

  • 20th – 27th October

Days: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

  • 28th October – 15th February

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00



General Admission

  • Adults from: £21.60
  • Kids from: £14.04


Prices may vary by date; please check with the attraction for details.



Is there food available to buy?

Yes, an onsite restaurant and snacks are available.

Can I take my dog?

No dogs allowed.

Can I bring my food?

Yes, you can.

Can We Bring Wheelchairs to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo ?

Yes, you can bring wheelchairs as it is wheelchair friendly and has accessible toilets.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking available.

ZSL Car Park

Non Member: £25.00

ZSL Member: £12.50



3. Crocodiles of the World, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire

Want to have a unique day out at Crocodiles of the World, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire? Then expect it to exceed your expectations and wow you because of its distinctiveness, unlike the usual kind of zoos, this only crocodile zoo in the UK has it all! From the present-day dinosaurs like saltwater crocodiles and spectacled caiman to the giant lizards, it is home to many exotic pets and reptiles.


Are you feeling like a brave daredevil? Well, I would suggest an excellent activity for you to do there, but the question is, are you up for such a challenge? I hope you are because the dare for your inner daredevil is to handle a baby alligator. And for the ones who want to pass on this, no worries!


You can watch them chomp on some beefy meat as they get their daily feed. Are you in search of something less scary and crawly? There are otters, tamarins, and birds too! As well as animal adoptions, croc shop, conservation projects, and several keeper experiences are also available for an extra cost, including a junior croc keeper.


Opening hours:

  • Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

Closed on 25th December



General Admission

  • Adults (16+): £8.95
  • Kids (3-16): £6.50
  • Concessions: £7.95
  • Family (2 adults, two kids): £27.00


Is there food available to buy?

Yes, a restaurant and snacks are available.

Can I take my dog?

Crocodiles of the World have not declared  if they are dog friendly.

Can I bring my food?

Yes, you can bring your food.

Are Crocodiles of the World wheelchair friendly?

Yes, Crocodiles of the World is wheelchair friendly.

Some paths may have steep slopes and difficult for wheelchair users.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is.



4. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster, South Yorkshire


Want to see polar bears without having to travel to the Arctic? Why not visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster, South Yorkshire instead! It is the only zoo that is the only place in England where you can see polar bears and can give you a walk-through experience to see over 300 amazing animals.


What more could you want if you can explore a place with indoor and outdoor play areas for the youth to enjoy and shops and cafes where you can have a quick bite to regain some energy for your adventurous time in the zoo. And if you want some family fun and quality time with friends and family, then this is the zoo you might want to consider visiting!


Opening hours of the zoo:

  • From March 7th, 2020: 10:00 to 18:00



General Admission (March to November)

  • Adults: £18.00
  • Kids (3-15): £15.00
  • Under-2s: Free
  • Senior Citizen (60+) / Student: £16.00
  • Disabled Adults: £12.00
  • Disabled Seniors / Disabled Students: £10.00
  • Disabled Kids (aged 3-15): £9.00
  • Accompanying Official Carer: £6.00

Winter prices may vary.

According to bornfree there are more than 300 zoos operating across the UK. This means there are endless options for visitors to choose the best zoos to visit in the UK on their family trip. In this article, you will find a review of the zoos to visit in the UK.

5.Chester Zoo

Chester zoo is home to 35000 extraordinary animals, located on 128 acres of zoological gardens, it is one of the biggest best zoos in the UK to visit as it attracts 2 million visitors every year.

There are many animals to see and things to do at the Islands of Chester Zoo. The zoo’s islands have much to offer to its visitors, from animals to see and things to do to places to eat and shop at.


You could either choose to visit the Sumba School Room and the Manado Permit Office or enjoy the Lazy River Boat Trip offers for starters.


I am sure there are two things one would want to do after visiting such places or participating in activities, either eat or shop. You can grab a bite at the Manado Street Kitchen for the ones who would eat, and for the ones who would shop, you can purchase what is needed at the Manado Shop.


If you still need to know in more detail about other places to shop or eat at, here it is:


Eat At:

The Oakfield – This contemporary British bar is the one you should go to if you would like dinner, drinks, or even lunch. If you are on a diet, you will not have to worry either because this vegetarian-friendly bar offers vegan and gluten-free options.

June’s Food Court – This cute cafe not just offers fast food, brunch, and good quality and hot food that is served in recyclable packaging but also indoor and outdoor seating.

Madagascar Marketplace – If you ever need a re-fuel with either a coffee, sandwich, ice cream, or even some BBQ favorites (which will be available in the summer months) during your time in the zoo, this is where you should head to!


Shop At:


Gift Shop – Situated at the main entrance, this gift shop situated at the main entrance of the zoo has a lot you could love, from artwork to cuddlesome toys and everything in between.

Elephant Bazaar –  Yes, as the name suggests, this shop specializing in fair trade gifts from Asia is one that elephant lovers will love.

Safari Treats – This basic shop is one you should stop by if you need some trip essentials, sweets, and drinks on the way to the zoo.


6.Colchester Zoo

Home of rare & unusual species of the animal kingdom, Colchester zoo is home to 220 species. It is established on 60 acres of parkland and beautiful lakes; Colchester zoo accommodates different habitats from around the world, whether it is Komodo dragon, white rhino, giraffes, ostrich and zebra you will find every kind of animal there.

They offer plenty of hands-on experience in an interactive area located within Colchester zoo’s Discovery Center.

Colchester zoo has 5 outdoor play areas 4 adventure and a soft play area undercover, which are Kid’s Safari, Jungle Tumble, meerkat hangout play area, Remi brown play area, and the Waterhole Play Area. Each offers plenty of outdoor adventure play with benches, toilet facilities, and snack shops near each site. Madagascar express road train is an exciting  journey for kids which children are guaranteed to enjoy


7.Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh zoo is a world-class attraction with its extensive animal collection. Edinburgh zoo has a diverse range of animals, native species such as Capercaillie and Scottish Wildcat to those from further afield such as the Amur Tiger and Polar Bear.

As you park your car, you can stroll through Woodland walk, where you can find beautiful satyr tragopans, fivesome Scottish wildcats, Eurasian eagle-owls, and wild red squirrel at one of the feeding station. Upon arrival at the park from the entrance booths, you can take a scenic walk on a raised walkway, which will take you to the park’s main area and direct route to the visitor center and its amenities.

Wolf wood walks around the area where you can see Mishmi takin and the Turkmenian markhor, European wolf pack, and herd of European forest reindeer. You can access the main reserve either by your vehicle or through guided land rover tours, which run throughout the day. The main reserve is home to red deer, Bukhara, a herd of European bison, European elk, Przewalski’s horse, and vicuna. There is also birdlife naturally taken up shared residency in the park from lapwings, oystercatcher, and barnacle geese.

Wildthings shop: there is a gift and souvenirs shop which has interesting wildlife gifts, books and toy collection to make memories of your visit to the home.

Antlers coffee shop: coffee shop is located in the visitors center and provides a wide selection of hot and cold dishes and snacks with teas and coffee. there is disabled access and seating for 70 people.


8.Bristol Zoo

Bristol zoo is the fifth oldest zoo in the world which opened publically in 1836. Zoo has a newly opened conservation park called the “wild place project” which is a great outdoor adventure full of learning opportunities for kids of natural play. It is situated on 136 acres of land in a great location just a minute away from junction 17 of M5. You can discover over 400 species of exotic and endangered animals from across the world. Kids can run wild at our adventure playground and water play-area Splash, or enjoy face-painting and crafts galore in the Activity Centre from 11 am to 4.30 pm every day.

9.Marwell Zoo

Set on 140 acres of land Marwell zoo is home to hundreds of endangered and exotic species. Marwell zoo provides its visitors a chance to get a closer look into outstanding animal kingdom members. Look out for brick adventure, which features 30 models of real-life creatures with an explosion of color, size – now at the zoo until 1 November 2020! Expect new zoo arrivals throughout the year. Marwell Zoo is open daily from 10 am. Due to covid social distancing guides and hand sanitizing, efforts are extraordinary measures by zoo staff. The enclosures themselves are beautifully created, which looked very natural, and all of the animals appeared very well cared for, especially the penguin and cheetah. There are plenty of lunch options available, and they are lovely, and there is plenty of outside seating, which is perfect for the sunny day.

10.Paignton Zoo

Paignton zoo is established on 80 acres of land with over 2,500 animals; Paignton zoo has more species than anyone else in the southwest, including but not limited to lions, tigers, giraffes, crocodiles, rhinos, flamingos, meerkats, orangutans, and komodo dragons to name a few. They also have indoor and outdoor play areas for kids. The jungle express train is a great chance for kids to see and experience different views of their favorite animal’s gibbons swinging in trees, the flamingo bathing in the pond, or views of lions and tiger roaming around.

Paignton zoo is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. Disable guests can accompany carer help for free. There is free car parking for visitors. Assistance dogs are welcome.


Important to Know:

As of 17 October, due to covid high alert, Most zoos around the UK will remain open with safety measurements and restrictions. Online pre-booking via website or App of tickets is required; however, zoo pass holders can visit after 1:pm without pre-books at weekends and school holidays. Despite the open status, various locations around the zoos will be closed, and there will be no keeper talks, and public feeds will be allowed. Check the website of a particular zoo for the latest updates.




Is there food available to buy?

Yes, there is a restaurant and snacks are available.

Can I take my dog?

Assistance/Guide Dogs only.

Can I bring my food?

Yes, you can.

Is it ok to bring wheelchair?

Yes, of course you can bring wheelchair as it is wheelchair friendly and has accessible toilets for wheelchair users.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking