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Best toddler and baby friendly Activities For Holiday

Taking a toddler or baby with you on holiday can make it hard to decide what to do. Days out for babies are hard to come by if you don’t plan. Not just that, finding activities that you all will enjoy can be difficult. It doesn’t have to be if you know how to plan right for your trip. Today we are going to look at some of the best toddler and baby friendly activities for your holiday to help smooth out the planning.

Take The Time To Explore

One of the first things that you should do with your toddler or baby when you get to a holiday destination is explore. Bring the stroller and go out and explore the area around your hotel. If you have the energy, continue branching out from there. You never know what you will find when you explore without a destination in mind.

Many of us who go out traveling end up finding the best things when we go out without a purpose in mind. This is how you can find the local hotspots without having to ask around.


Spend Some Time At The Beach

Trips to the beach are perfect for all ages. You can spend time in the sand, in the water, or even just relaxing. Take a look at all of the beach options you have in the area you are holidaying to and see which of them are rated best for kids and babies.

When taking your toddler or baby to the beach, beyond beach safety, also make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen! They burn quick.

Best part of going to the beach? It doesn’t cost a thing!

Explore The Landscape

Babies and toddlers enjoy the mysteries of the outdoors just as much as us adults do. That means exploring the wonderful landscape of your travel destination is a must with your baby. Every new site will be a wonder to them.

Better yet, if you can find a National Park or large area of undeveloped land, plan a hike for a day. You will get just about everything you want out of spending a day hiking. It will be relaxing, exercise, and keep your young one entertained. What else could you ask for?

It may help to look through a variety of websites to find some of the best trails, parks, and other outdoor locations in the area that you are traveling to. Some of the best locations to visit are the least discovered ones.

Days out for babies

Spend Time With Animals

Animals are a must when you are traveling with babies or toddlers, they absolutely love furry friends. There are plenty of opportunities to see animals while on holiday. Zoos might be the first place that you think of but there are also plenty of farms that are open to the public. Spend a little time Googling what is available in the area you are traveling to.


For the most enjoyment see if you can find a zoo or farm that will let you get up close and personal with the animals. Petting zoos are one of the locations but some farms will let you pet and interact with the smaller animals they have. In fact, they might have areas that are specifically designed for this.

Zoos and farms aren’t the only locations you should consider. Aquariums can be just as fun and you can find plenty in the UK. Some aquariums will also have areas where you can have hands-on experiences with sea-life.

Amusement Parks

Not all amusement parks are built for toddlers and babies to enjoy but many of them are. Take a look at the areas around where you are considering traveling to see what amusement parks are available. There are plenty in the UK that offer tot-friendly rides.

Your baby or toddler won’t just enjoy the rides though, they will enjoy the wonderful sights and activities there are to see. Try to find an amusement park with themes that your little one will enjoy. For many young ones, stops like Thomas Land are perfect!

Don’t forget that water parks are another kind of amusement park that you can check out when you are trying to find somewhere to explore with your little one. Many water parks will have activities specifically for toddlers and babies.

Tour The Toy Stores

What little ones don’t like the toy store? When you are on vacation you have the perfect opportunity to take your little one on a tour of all of the toy stores in the new location. Look up all of the different toy stores in your area and take your baby or toddler through them.

Make sure to set a limit on how many toys your young one can get. We all know how babies can get when they see things that interest them!


Take To The Pool

Your baby or toddler probably likes being in the water, it is a fun experience where they get to be without the gravity and experience of being on land. Try to find a hotel with a pool that they can enjoy with you. Don’t forget to verify that the pool is open to all ages as some hotels limit pools to specific ages.

Make sure to bring the sunscreen to the pool too, just like the beach. You will need plenty of it when you are in the water for a good amount of time. It may also be a good idea to bring floaties for your little one so that they can be safer in the pool.


Go To Dinner Early

You need to get back to the hotel room early enough in order to get your baby back to sleep, that means going to dinner early. Why not take advantage of that? Look at the best restaurants in the area and you will likely find that they are far less busy when you go early. Book reservations for a very early time and you will still have a little time after dinner to go on a walk or do something else with your little one.

You will likely find that most of the crowd that is around at this time enjoys being around babies and not the busy nightlife.

Bring The Stroller Shopping

This option is more for you than your little one. Bring your stroller on a shopping trip through a local mall. Try to find stores that are known to be quieter. If you have a comfy stroller you should be able to help your baby get to sleep while you get to shop.

A perfect way to fit in a daily nap while not having to stay in the hotel room! You also get some me time at the same time.

Get A Hotel With Babysitting Services

You would be surprised by how many hotels offer on-site babysitting services. Some of them even have grand play areas to keep your babies entertained. While not free, the price for the convenience and safety of having the babysitting service located right in your hotel is well worth it.

Take a look at all of these baby and toddler friendly activities that you can do on your vacation and start working them into your holiday planning. Each one of them can be quite enjoyable and when you work them all in, you will have a blast. As you can see there are plenty of days out for babies that you can engage in that are fun for you too.

Don’t forget to plan ahead and see if you can find a hotel with babysitting services!